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CA Capacity Management Implementation Services

CA Capacity Management enables higher service levels across high-volume physical, virtual and cloud environments while helping to reduce capital expenditures and operating expenditures associated with hardware, software, power and cooling. CA Services provides guidance and expertise to deploy powerful and comprehensive data collection management, capacity monitoring and reporting, and forecasting and modeling for intelligent demand prediction.

Business Challenges

Business and IT leaders must provide efficient and effective computing resources and are constantly challenged to evaluate and predict future resource needs. These challenges must be balanced with budget and resource realities to ensure that future needs are met without compromising current performance in the data center or the bottom line.

Control costs by increasing asset utilization, avoiding over-provisioning of hardware and licenses, minimize operational and maintenance costs and reduce energy costs. Balance cost against capacity and supply against demand.

Monitoring and evaluating current demand is often complicated with multiple tools and multiple reports that fail to capture key data for making informed decisions.

Predicting future demand can be compromised if changes in computing environment or marketplace are not factored in to predictions.

Risk mitigation demands that cost-justifiable IT capacity is available to meet service level requirements, while minimizing capacity-related incidents that can result in lost business and impact on customer satisfaction.

Align business and IT to anticipate capacity requirements before the business is affected.

Key Outcomes

  • Improved implementation quality. Experience reduced errors and accelerated adoption when you leverage the expertise of CA Services.
  • Increase asset utilization. Right-sizing resources to improve utilization, consolidating servers and virtualizing, where appropriate, can help improve asset utilization. Use Resource score to show ratio of available capacity to capacity used over time.
  • Reduce incidents and issues related to IT capacity. Analyze capacity-related tickets before and after implementing CA Capacity Management.
  • Improve planning and budgeting for capacity and performance. Easy visibility into critical information to support informed decision-making. 

Key Services Features

  • Manage for cost-effective resource investment and availability. Plan for current and future business requirements.
  • Performance and capacity reporting for existing and “what if” scenarios. Evaluate technology options, optimization and change impact.
  • Deploy with CA Express Install. Futureready framework with reduced errors that can reduce the time typically required for traditional installations.

Offering Overview

CA Capacity Management Implementation Services deploys a robust solution that supports planning and managing so that cost-effective IT resources can be available to meet current and future business requirements. Leverage reporting for performance and capacity of existing IT components and services, as well as forward-looking predictive “what if” scenarios and sensitivity analysis. This predictive capability enables users to evaluate technologies like virtualization and the cloud, optimize infrastructure and procure hardware just-in-time and evaluate the impact of changes to workload or infrastructure.

CA Capacity Management can be deployed with CA Express Install, which provides a future-ready framework that brings streamlined factory efficiency to your CA solution deployment and delivers consistency by eliminating many manual processes. Begin using your solution in less time required for traditional installs, and then build, deploy and extend future services and solutions faster by leveraging the less time framework. This approach requires fewer resources and less time and can be a quicker path to value. Ask your CA representative for more information.

Foundation Services

CA Services establishes a foundation to deliver essential functionality to address primary business requirements. Foundation Services can speed solution deployment, reduce productivity loss and accelerate time-to-value. The framework is built to grow as your needs evolve.

Foundation Services are designed to deploy using out-of-the-box (OOTB) data integration and reporting features and supports these goals:

  • Enable capabilities to support managing capacity of IT infrastructure to support the evolving demands of the business in a cost-effective and timely manner.
  • Report and analyze the demand and usage of the current infrastructure.
  • Identify and respond to variations in performance, ensure that sufficient capacity is available to satisfy service levels and expected business volumes.
  • Support the production of capacity plans that enable the IT service provider to provide quality services while reducing the risk of capacity-related disruptions.

Acceleration Services

Acceleration Services help extend the value of your solution by implementing additional functionality and/or configurations that can respond or expand to your requirements. Designed for quick deployment, Acceleration Services include enabling features available in the core solutions and adding modules, Packaged Work Products or other elements to enhance the capabilities of the core solution. The following Acceleration Services are available:

Data Integration Acceleration Service

Integrate the solution with performance management and/or configuration management systems not directly supported by the OOTB product. This service identifies and validates your unique data collection requirements, designs data adapters to integrate infrastructure management systems to the solution and configures CA Data Manager to automatically extract, translate and load data from data sources. CA Data Manager is a data warehousing tool that collects and stores various kinds of data. It collects this data from system management tools from a variety of widely-used products. CA Data Manager connects to these data sources through various means to collect, normalize and store the data in the CA Data Manager database. its bundled with several data adapters, and it is possible to configure custom data adapters that gather data from sources other than those directly supported OOTB.

Capacity Reporting Acceleration Service

Extend the Foundation Service by configuring reports and dashboards to satisfy reporting requirements not met by OOTB product features. CA Services reviews client requirements to identify and define report views needed to supplement Foundationlevel reporting capabilities and then works with clients to design, implement, test and document the extended reporting capability.

Practice Enablement Acceleration Service

Extend the Foundation Service by providing “how to” guidance in the approach and procedures for the solution to address particular capacity management activities and use cases within the customer’s environment. The use cases addressed by this service are typically beyond the knowledge of CA Education and CA Support, so clients benefit from expanded knowledge transfer and mentoring from CA Services Consultants.

Common use cases that may be enabled by this acceleration service include:

  • Model “what if” scenarios with CA Capacity Manager
  • Application sizing with CA Performance Optimizer
  • Provide guidance and assistance with capacity planning and predictive analysis activities, such as identification of key performance indicators, selection of data sampling intervals, data collection and analysis, establishing sensible reporting thresholds, identifying baselines and profiles, model construction and validation, model refinement and calibration, defining and managing modeling scenarios and results interpretation.