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CA Client Automation Upgrade Services

CA Client Automation enables organizations to reduce risk, reduce cost and increase productivity by improving IT department efficiency and responsiveness to manage client devices. Upgrade to the latest release to take advantage of new features and improvements, and further increase the effectiveness of your current resources.

CA Services offers a comprehensive, proven approach to help optimize value with minimal disruption. The expertise of CA Services professionals can help you upgrade CA Client Automation by reducing project complexity with a carefully managed and phased implementation to deliver rapid business value. 

Business Challenges

  • Increasing demand to manage disparate IT environments and expectation that enterprises achieve and sustain high levels of performance without a corresponding increase in resources.
  • Additional demands on existing resources to plan and deploy an upgrade distracts IT talent from core business focus.
  • Infrequent execution of upgrade projects and misaligned upgrade path can lead to increased time, costs, risks and operating issues.

Key Outcomes

  • Improve implementation quality with CA Services professionals to help you overcome business and technology challenges and reduce risk.
  • Improve productivity using fewer resources to manage IT environment.
  • Improve time-to-value using proven implementation techniques and professional experience.

Key Service Features

  • Multiple upgrade paths provide you with the flexibility to implement the upgrade that is best-suited to your current environment.
  • Upgrade deployment and unit testing to minimize risk and disruption during the upgrade process.
  • Functional testing to validate upgrade to ensure reliability, stability and performance.
  • Documentation of the solution implementation aligns business drivers to solution benefits and technical requirements to architecture and configuration options.
  • Knowledge Transfer to designated staff encourages solution adoption.

Offering Overview

CA Services provides the expertise and support you need to upgrade your CA Client Automation implementation to the current release and extend your automation across your IT environment. First, our CA Services experts collaborate with you to identify and document your requirements, and plan a path so that you can take advantage of the latest benefits from CA Client Automation.

Our phased approach is crafted to start the transformation from your current state to your desired future state. The CA Services team is with you through the entire process, with a commitment to get you positioned for success by utilizing best practices developed over thousands of engagements. CA Services tailors your upgrade path to meet your business requirements and accelerates value, by speeding deployment to minimize impact.

Foundation Services

Upgrade services are built on your existing foundation for CA Client Automation. CA Services will guide you through the design and decision process of your upgrade to ensure the solution is optimized for your needs. We validate that you have all of the required components to effectively enable the product’s automation and management capabilities and leverage our experience to streamline the upgrade process.

CA Services will perform agreed-upon project management responsibilities, upgrade deployment and unit testing of the solution, functional testing, documentation of the solution as implemented, and knowledge transfer to your designated staff. We minimize complexity by developing a plan to quickly move you through a Standard, Standard Plus or Advanced upgrade path that considers multiple aspects of your current environment.

  • Standard Upgrade upgrades your existing CA Client Automation r12.5 (or higher) components in place. The Standard Upgrade can be used when Client Automation is not clustered nor integrated with other CA products.
  • Standard Plus Upgrade upgrades your existing CA Client Automation r12.5 (or higher) components in place. Standard Plus also supports installing CA Client Automation on a cluster and upgrading existing integrations with other CA products.
  • Advanced Upgrade upgrades your existing CA Client Automation r11.2 C4 (or higher) components and integrations with other CA products currently implemented in your environment. New CA Client Automation components may also be deployed. 
Note: All packaged upgrade offerings described above assume that the underlying server operating systems and Microsoft SQL Server DBMS supporting the CA Client Automation r12.8 infrastructure are at certified levels. It is the responsibility of the customer to upgrade these supporting components prior to project commencement, if needed. CA Services can help you identify the certified versions of server operating systems and DBMS.

Acceleration Services

You may already have acceleration services as part of your CA Client Automation solution. CA Services considers all aspects of your unique environment to help you extend the value of your solution, and your existing acceleration services will be part of the planning and design process. Once your upgrade is complete, we may recommend additional acceleration services that can add business value.