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CA Service Management Implementation Services

CA Service Management Implementation Services deploy an IT service management (ITSM) solution that can support managing the entire service lifecycle consistently for request, incident, change, asset and service levels.

These services are structured to enable your organization to speed solution deployment and prioritize IT asset management, service request and/or service desk management capabilities. Organizations may select from multiple starting points and pursue an implementation roadmap which is flexible and drives ITSM maturity and solution adoption.

Foundation Services deploy an established framework upon which additional enhancements may be added through Acceleration Services.

Business Challenges

By utilizing IT assets, resources and services efficiently, organizations can support initiatives that drive competitive advantage. Conversely, poorly managed IT assets, resources and services increase costs and may impede business and IT initiatives. Also, challenges in one area of ITSM can offset improvements in other areas of ITSM. For example, without improved automation or employee self-service, improvements in resource management may not be fully realized. Organizations may also struggle to develop an effective deployment roadmap for comprehensive ITSM.

IT asset management challenges include:

  • Poor visibility into available IT hardware and software assets
  • Difficulty tracking hardware assets and software licenses
  • Assets that could be retired are retained; assets which warrant closer monitoring may receive less scrutiny
Service request management challenges include:
  • Decentralized, ad hoc approaches to ITSM
  • Poor service management processes
  • Insufficient capabilities that support both IT and business stakeholders
For service desk management, organizations may struggle to:
  • Deliver a consumer-like experience for ITSM
  • Improve service availability and governance
  • Reduce burden on IT operations

Key Outcomes

  • Faster deployment
  • Streamlined end-to-end service management
  • Improved automation
  • Greater employee self-service
  • Extensible platform that is easier to maintain
  • Flexible options to prioritize incident, change or configuration management

Key Service Features

  • Prescriptive roadmaps from subject matter experts. Speed solution adoption for greater maturity in IT service management
  • Modular approach. Aligns your deployment to top business priorities while lowering risk
  • Reference architecture. Simplifies maintenance and upgrades
  • Foundation Services. Deploy the solution with capabilities for managing IT services as a portfolio of offerings through submitting, viewing and approving service requests, setting proxies and delegates and defining thresholds for SLA monitoring
  • Acceleration Services. Provide flexible, modular options to extend your IT service management solution
  • Pre-built Content. Improves your deployment with proven out-of-the-box workflows and service definitions

Offering Overview

Implementation Services for CA Service Management deploy an ITSM solution which can support IT asset management, request management and service management. From a proven modular architecture, organizations may select and implement the aspects of ITSM which align to their priorities.

CA Services deploys the solution using a framework of Foundation Services and optional Acceleration Services that offers flexibility and fosters incremental solution adoption. This approach speeds deployment of core functionality while providing powerful options to extend CA Service Management to drive automation, improve self-service and collaboration and deliver value for both IT and business stakeholders.

To address the different priorities, constraints and desired value organizations may have, these services offer multiple starting points. To determine the optimal path for your organization, our ITSM services professionals can provide guidance based upon hundreds of deployments and CA Services best practices.

Foundation Services

Foundation Services for CA Service Management provide a proven framework for implementing CA IT Asset Manager, CA Service Catalog and CA Service Desk Manager individually or, as a unified solution to enable core ITSM functions using built-in product features. This approach accelerates the deployment of a proven reference architecture for faster adoption and greater extensibility.

For guidance and to develop a solution deployment roadmap, contact your CA sales team. Depending on your organization’s priorities, the following Foundation Services may be deployed.

For CA IT Asset Manager, Foundation Services include:

  • IT Asset Management which delivers a solution to support overall ITAM capabilities
  • Hardware Asset Manager
  • Software Asset Manager
  • Software Asset Verification
Foundation Services for CA Service Catalog include:
  • System Management Services
  • Out-of-the-Box Approval Workflows
  • Out-of-the-Box Fulfillment Workflows
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Notifications
  • Proxy Request Support and Delegation
  • Policy-Based Approvals
  • SLA Tracking and Management
  • Reporting Services
  • Featured Services
For CA Service Desk Manager, Foundation Services are aligned along three critical disciplines:
  • Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management

Acceleration Services

Acceleration Services extend your solution with additional enhancements. These offerings align to Foundation Services for CA IT Asset Manager, CA Service Catalog and CA Service Desk Manager.

CA IT Asset Manager Acceleration Services expand the scope of manufacturers, data sources and master/ownership data. These include:

  • Additional Manufacturers
  • Additional Data Discovery Sources
  • Additional Master/Ownership Data
CA Service Catalog Acceleration Services provide a wide range of additional capabilities for automation and integration, tailoring rules for routing requests, multitenancy and specialized reports and notification methods. They include:
  • CMDB Acceleration Services
  • Federated Search
  • Increase Capacity
  • Knowledge Management
  • Mobility Access
  • Process Automation
  • Problem Management
  • Remote Access and Resolution
  • Shared Collaboration
CA Service Desk Manager Acceleration Services enhance your solution with capabilities to improve self-service, collaboration and mobility. These include:
  • Service Desk Request Fulfillment
  • Visualize Service Configuration Items
  • Asset Request Fulfilment
  • Mobile Access
  • Catalog Widgets