11 Steps to Having Difficult Conversations, Successfully

Every day in the hyper-collaborative R&D organization for CA Agile Central, we face difficult conversations with opposing opinions, high emotions...
by Lieschen Gargano Quilling
April 12, 2018

Fantastic Voyage Along The Continuous Delivery Pipeline

This is the second post in a series targeted at helping Product Managers understand the importance of Continuous Delivery. Subscribe...
by Adam Zolyak
March 28, 2018

Dear Product Manager, Continuous Delivery Will Make or Break Your Product

In today’s market, speed wins. There are likely many companies in your market all trying to solve the same problems....
by Adam Zolyak
March 20, 2018

Understanding March Madness with Machine Learning

The predictive power of statistics in sports has become the stuff of Brad Pitt movies, tired bar conversations, and dozens...
by Cody Braun
March 9, 2018

Part I: Solving agile organizational issues with an Impediment Council

Does your agile organization run into impediments that linger because no one person or group owns them? Are those issues...
by Guest Contributor
March 1, 2018

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Eliminate inefficient code with a little math and some SVG

My development team at CA Technologies is working on building a new UI component library in React called Mineral UI....
by Guest Contributor
February 22, 2018

Strategic planning from the bottom up; one agile development team’s search for its purpose

By Kaitlin Barrer Last month, I participated in my team’s first strategic planning session. I’d been to strategic planning sessions...
by Guest Contributor
February 15, 2018

Planning Agile Part 2: Big Room Planning

Last month I wrote about Agile Central’s Planning Calendar and the lead up to our Big Room Planning event. Now,...
by Lieschen Gargano Quilling
February 1, 2018