Scale Agile to Extend its Benefits Across the Enterprise

by December 15, 2017

Is scaling agile the answer you’ve been looking for? Your organization exists within a fast-paced, rapidly changing marketplace. You need to deliver high-quality projects fast. You’ve already introduced some agile into your development teams and experienced competitive advantages like enhanced collaboration, improved quality, faster delivery of value, reduced cost of development and elevated customer satisfaction rates. Could you scale agile and leverage it further?

Looking for a competitive advantage? Scale agile across all IT and Dev teams

Scaling agile across your entire project portfolio would mean extending the competitive advantages inherent to agile. But that’s not all: It would also provide focus and insight into your organization’s highest-value initiatives. It would help to ensure that products work well together and that each provides a return on your investment.  You can identify gaps and highlight new requirements at the portfolio level which would minimize ad-hoc projects that could conflict with one other or duplicate efforts. And scaling agile across multiple projects would enhance customer value.

Why the whole company should become agile

If scaling agile across multiple teams and projects makes sense, does it also make sense to go beyond your IT and Dev departments? Agile isn’t limited to software product development; agile methodologies can be applied to many finance and marketing department projects as well.

Let’s use marketing as an example. Marketers today operate in a fast-paced, multichannel world. They no longer have the ability to spend months designing and implementing large projects. They require speed and flexibility to innovate and respond immediately to market disruptions. Sound familiar? Does it sound like Dev teams?

And just like Dev teams are under significant pressure to build quality products fast, today’s CMOs are increasingly responsible for rapid business growth. With the pace of across-the-board change they’re facing, an agile transformation could be a game changer for CMOs looking to outperform in their markets.

The bottom line: There are many departments for which the use case for agile is as strong as that of IT and Dev. Scaling agile across them will have the impact of reducing organizational roadblocks while delivering better ways of working, thinking and delivering value to customers.

Rally Software: Build to scale across your business

Rally Software (formerly CA Agile Central) was designed to give agile teams across your enterprise the independence they need to effectively organize and prioritize their work, and to provide stakeholders with clear visibility into team capacity and velocity.

You can’t overestimate the value of real-time, cross-team visibility when it comes to understanding how all projects align with each other as well as how they fit into the overarching business strategy. Visibility acts as the foundation upon which priorities can be set at the organizational level.

Rally was created to help groups across your entire enterprise maintain schedules, make intentional, data-driven decisions and deliver predictable plans using built-in agile tracking, metrics and reports. Management can measure productivity, predictability and quality, while identifying dependencies and mitigating risks.


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