Teamwork Made Easy with Rally Team Board

by December 14, 2017

I know that many people think of agile as a software development work style. Yes, dev teams often use agile for software asset management, and it is frequently where Scaled Agile might start in a company — the truth is that agile methodologies support a modern way of working that increases productivity, communication and customer satisfaction across the entire enterprise.  

I’m in Marketing, and I’ve been very impressed at how agile methods fits with the way that marketers work. At CA, we’ve been on a journey towards marketing agility, employing agile practices for more than two years — and with great result! We tend to be highly collaborative, need to be customer responsive and must be able to pivot to address market changes.  We need to be completely tied to the company’s strategic goals and our customer needs. Finding a tool that supports both strategic goals and team autonomy is essential to our success.  So much of marketing is creating and then testing messaging to make sure that we are really using the right words and images to say what we mean to say.  As marketers, we need to be able to publish, get feedback and revise quickly.

With all of that, being able to plan, manage and track my work is extremely important. Especially since I collaborate with so many people from so many teams in just about every aspect of the organization. I require agile tools that truly support the way I work, which is why I really love our Team Board feature in Rally, which was launched earlier this year specifically to allow teams to start using Rally quickly and without any admin assistance.

With Team Board I can see all of my work and my team’s work in one place, as well as having the freedom to structure my workflow to meet my team’s needs.  My teammates and I can create new user stories on easy-to-edit and move cards that I can simple drag and drop from one column to another through our work flow. To make it even easier, I use the Quick Detail feature to create my new user stories, so I never leave my Team Board page.

My team can easily change the labels on the columns to reflect our real work flow.  Sure, you can use Backlog, WIP, etc., but you can also name your workflow columns to reflect what is important for you and the way that you work.  For my team, we start with Backlog, then move to WIP. We frequently work with others in my business unit who contribute to the work that I do – as  I contribute to their work.  Product Management, Product Marketing, Integrated Marketing, Field Marketing, Marketing Communications, Sales Enablement and Creative are just some of the groups that work together all the time and can be represented in my workflow.   For example, I might be working on a whitepaper that we want to use in a Field Marketing campaign. My cross-functional team created a ‘BU’ column that I can move my cards to when something is still in WIP with Creative or Marketing communications, but not my personal WIP.  I can do the same working with people outside of my BU, such as Legal, by moving to an ‘Outside BU’ column.  

Tracking work doesn’t have to be complicated, and with Team Board and Rally, it isn’t.

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