Three ways Agile Software serves the C-suite

by January 23, 2018

Agile methodology – and the Agile software that supports your Agile Transformation – impacts virtually everyone in the organization, not just R&D. As responsibility for overall business execution is increasingly shared across the C-suite, company leaders also stand to see great benefit from agile software like  CA Agile Central.

Today, teams made up of the CEO, CIO and CTO work together to make decisions about company-wide agile business processes and agile software that supports strategic initiatives. This makes sense. As they say, “two heads are better than one.” Even truer when your collaboration includes three, four and even more great minds working together.

So, part of championing agile within your organization, is illustrating the top benefits of agile software for each leader. Many people in a company benefit from agile but below I’ve listed the key benefits for the CEO, CTO and CIO, all of which provide enormous value to the organization as a whole.

CTO Benefit : Deliver projects more quickly, with fewer hiccups

Most CTOs face a constant flood of “urgent” business requests that far outstrips the capacity of their teams. Increasing speed of delivery will free up resources and allow for faster response to demands.

Agile Central  is designed to speed delivery and reduce the risk of missed dates. A Coleman Parkes Research study found that CA Agile Central speeds up decision-making time by 41 percent and delivery time by a whopping 35 percent. In addition, Agile Central provides support and frameworks for the following agile practices:

  1. Frequent feedback cycles and transparent communication to identify misunderstandings that could otherwise hamstring project timelines.
  2. Continuous iterating to virtually ensure defects are detected and fixed long before they impact delivery timelines.
  3. A retrospective at the end of each iteration to identify processes that could be improved, which then acts as a guide to executing future projects with less friction. That means faster.

Over time, team velocity improves as work processes are optimized and relationships are forged. And monitoring team velocity via Agile Central helps measure the impact of specific changes as they’re instituted within the process. Continuous improvements and increased efficiencies free up more resources, leading to ever greater delivery speeds.

CEO Benefit: Ensure alignment with overarching business objectives

Many organizations lack a system that allows business leaders to understand the intersection between what initiatives are being funded, what resources are committed to those initiatives, and delivery status.

Without reliable information, the business is unable to ensure projects are in alignment with corporate objectives. How can you achieve an effective organizational structure around funding, delivery and value without visibility into all three? It’s essential that product roadmaps and execution are aligned with funding and overall business objectives. This synchronization will ensure you’re developing the right products in the right way at the right time.

Agile software can help. CA Agile Central’s Project and Portfolio Hierarchy, gives you deep visibility into the work your teams are doing and illustrates how it ties into your business strategy. You can ensure team members are aligned with one another, their work and your strategic objectives. 

CIO Benefit: Set the stage for future success

The Project Management Institute’s Pulse of the Profession 2017 report acknowledges that today, “more organizations recognize the strategic value of projects and programs.” What’s more, they recognize that “how well they support these strategic initiatives and the professionals who manage them” directly impacts to their “long-term relevancy and ultimate viability.”

The charge of future-proofing a business falls largely into the hands the CIO. To ensure a future in which the  organization thrives, the CIO must provide it with the necessary tools to be able to sense and respond to change quickly to build the high-quality products customers want.

With the future of the business at stake, the CIO can’t afford to choose the wrong technology or methodology. Nor can they afford to ignore disruptive technologies that drive innovation.

Traditional software development methods are too slow and too expensive to keep up with tomorrow’s digital world and its customers. And the pace of change is quickening. Companies recognize this and are implementing agile software and scaling it across their organization as a competitive advantage. In the coming years, as agile becomes a business imperative, they’ll be poised for even greater success.

The future is here. Are you ready?

In 2018, increasingly rapid innovation (driven by collaborative technologies like CA Agile Central) will make the difference between success and failure. Perhaps it is time to think about how you can leverage agile software. The longer you wait, the steeper the adoption curve and the more taxing the transition to agile will be.

CA Agile Central provides the visibility company leaders need to sense and respond to changing market environments.  With CA Agile Central they can ensure projects align with objectives, to deliver high-quality products at speed.   Now they have the right technology to prioritize, plan, track and improve development work so they can innovate, create and efficiently deliver value to their current and future customers. To learn more, visit CA Agile Central or speak with one of our agile coaches.


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