Automate Automation Script Creation for Packaged Apps

by September 8, 2017

Announcing the CA Agile Requirements Designer and Ranorex Integration

At CA Technologies, we realize our customers already have a toolchain in place to manage and execute their continuous testing activities including requirements and test design, and overall test automation activities throughout the SDLC. That is why we are continuously focused on integrating with the most popular third-party and open-source solutions available. Our goal is to augment and complement an organization’s existing processes to take them to the next level. As such, we are pleased to announce the integration between CA Agile Requirements Designer and Ranorex.

Requirements Engineering and Design

At its core, CA Agile Requirements Designer is a requirements engineering and design tool that brings synergy to agile (and agile testing) teams. From a simple active flowchart, developers clearly see and understand the acceptance criteria and know exactly what to code. Test cases become an output of requirements design rather than a disjointed task in a time-bound process within a sprint. Test cases are also optimized to obtain 100% functional coverage in the fewest number of test cases possible. Test data can be generated and published for each requirement ensuring the data is there when you need it. And in order to test with greater velocity, automation test scripts can be exported, ready to be executed by whatever test automation framework you’re using. Best of all, if there is a later change to the modeled requirements and application code, test cases and test automation scripts self-adapt and heal to those changes, letting you know specifically which test cases are invalid and which new test cases are missing.

Test Automation

Ranorex offers an easy-to-use test automation solution for creating reliable automated testing projects for mobile, desktop, and web-based applications. It fully integrates with existing development environments. The broad set of advanced tools for script-free or code-based test creation enables teams to collaborate efficiently on test automation projects. The strong technology support and powerful UI object recognition cover all requirements in terms of accuracy and robust identification. If a button’s shape or position changes, Ranorex will recognize and find the element anyway.

Test Design Automation

Combining these two solutions takes the best of both worlds, merges them together, and makes Test Design Automation a reality. With CA Agile Requirements Designer, processes and workflows are modeled for greater understanding of an application, how it should be coded and behave, and how it will be tested. Then, in knowing precisely what test cases are needed, Ranorex is used to scan the application’s objects and keep track of actions scripts. Ranorex objects and actions are then linked directly to the nodes in the CA Agile Requirements Designer. The result is the generation and automatic maintenance of fully executable test automation scripts that quickly adapt to changes made on either side. Whether the requirements change or the application’s code changes, new automated test cases are readily available without ever scripting a single line of automation. Now that’s agile!

Watch this video to learn how you can easily create and maintain test automation scripts in multiple languages.

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