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by October 13, 2017

Test Design Automation in High Gear: Announcing the integration of CA Agile Requirements Designer and Eggplant Functional.

As previously mentioned, we have a commitment to an open, flexible, continuous testing ecosystem, and we are thrilled to put Test Design Automation in high gear by announcing the integration of CA Agile Requirements Designer with Eggplant Functional from Testplant.

Design Your Requirements

Automation is key to in-sprint testing at agile speeds, but so is the reassurance of knowing what to test. CA Agile Requirements Designer brings synergy to scrum teams. From a simple active flowchart, developers clearly understand what to code based on easy-to-read acceptance criteria. Optimized test cases become an output of design rather than a reactive, disjointed, time-sensitive task. Testers are able to obtain 100% test coverage in the fewest number of test cases possible. Test data can be generated and published for each requirement, ensuring the data is there when you need it. And in order to test with greater velocity, automation test scripts can be exported, ready to run in whatever automation framework you’re using. Best of all, if there is a change to the modeled requirements and application code, test cases and automation scripts self-adapt and heal to those changes and track them through versioning. To see how this works, view this short video.

Automate Your Tests

Eggplant Functional is the unique and innovative software test automation tool from Testplant that can verify the functionality and user experience of any application—from mobile to mainframe. Delivering the ability to test across any technology by seeing exactly what’s displayed on the GUI, Eggplant executes test routines in exactly the same way a human user does, enabling end-to-end, cross-platform and technology-agnostic testing. Eggplant Functional helps to deliver better software in less time and at lower cost.

Drive Test Design Automation

By connecting to the Eggplant Functional keyword repository, users can link a requirement directly to the image or text within an applications GUI. This lets Eggplant Functional know what actions to take when running automated tests. Instead of updating scripts due to changes, changes are made, first at the requirements design level, shifting test design automation all the way to the left. Test cases update automatically, ready to export. Changes to the application’s GUI will also transfer from Eggplant Functional back to CA Agile Requirements Designer, keeping keywords up to date.

With the power of these to solutions combined, teams are able to test more comprehensively and at greater velocity. Requirements are better defined without sacrificing speed. Building out full coverage test cases and scenarios takes hours instead of days. Automation script creation execution and maintenance is automated. Finally, speed and quality have found their way into agile testing.

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