Announcing Advanced API Deployment, Improved User Experience and Powerful Analytics for CA API Management

by December 19, 2017

Now Available: CA API Management SaaS and CA API Developer Portal Release 4.2

We are very proud to announce the latest improvements to CA API Management SaaS and the CA API Developer Portal in version 4.2, now generally available. We continue to build upon our vision of providing a technology platform for API and architecture teams to effectively implement a full API lifecycle strategy and realize the most value and potential from their API programs.

Now when you subscribe to or buy to CA API Management, you can look forward to the following improvements:

Automated and Federated API Deployment Across Environments

Easily deploy APIs across environments, such as development, testing and production, or tailor your API products by region and deploy to different geographies.

You can control how an API is deployed:

  • Automatically upon publishing
  • On-demand where API deployments are triggered by our deployment API
  • Or implement a workflow that uses a scripted approach to integrate with your CI/CD pipeline


Intuitive and Easy to Use Experiences for Administrators, Publishers and Developers

Overall improvements:

  • Streamlined installation for private cloud environments using Docker
  • Easily customize the look and feel of your API management interface with themes and optionally for each developer organization you create
  • Simplify user login to CA API Management with Single Sign-On using a variety of enterprise identity providers like LDAP or CA Single Sign-On or use built-in admin or developer account registration


API publishing experience:

  • Importing your API Swagger definition file makes it fast and easy to publish a new API with a few clicks
  • API owners or developers can easily apply powerful and customizable policy templates upon publishing APIs to enforce SLAs
  • Easily target how your API is deployed publicly or privately and to select developer organizations


API consumer/developer experience:

  • Developers receive a great new ‘search APIs first’ interface enabling them to quickly find the APIs they’re looking for, or optionally can explore all APIs they have access to in their organization
  • New tile dashboards make it easy to navigate APIs and see an API’s status
  • API documentation has been streamlined and now reflects the look and feel of developer’s favorite IDEs – continuing to make it really easy for developers to test functions and automatically generate code for building apps


Enhanced Analytics with CA Jarvis

  • Use out of the box API performance dashboards or create your own with customizable viewlets to easily understand and share the performance of your API programs
  • Integrate our analytics API with your enterprise business intelligence platform to further customize your digital business reporting


For new or prospective customers, request a trial to take advantage of these improvements and get the most out of your API programs. Existing customers with private cloud deployments can connect with their CA account representative to learn how to upgrade to the latest version.


The CA API Management Team