Just What Is DevSecOps?

 “No such thing as bad publicity”? While that may have been true once, it’s no longer the case in today’s...
by Scott Willson
June 21, 2018

The CA Automation Marketplace

Why It’s Crucial to an Automation Center of Excellence We are proud to host the world’s first and largest automation...
by Ben Smith
June 18, 2018

7 Reasons to Automate SAP System Copy

Reduce person-days spent on this frustrating task to free funds for digital innovation. OK, so SAP system copy isn’t the...
by Yann Guernion
June 15, 2018

Join CA at PeopleSoft RECONNECT 2018

Registration is Open for the PeopleSoft Event of the Summer PeopleSoft RECONNECT is an annual event exclusively for Oracle PeopleSoft...
by Tiffany Jaffe
June 12, 2018

How SAP Automation Brings Salvation to Digital Transformation

Fully automated SAP processes can help you stay one step ahead of nimble digital disrupters. Digital transformation is everywhere. Whether...
by Yann Guernion
June 8, 2018

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Only the Finished Product Matters

Automation can be a loaded term, but what are the benefits it can bring to you? For many years, people...
by Lawrence Salomon
June 6, 2018

Cutting Through CD Complexity Like Ginsu Knives

How our Continuous Delivery Map can help you achieve DevOps goals When I pause to reflect on how far the...
by Scott Willson
May 25, 2018

Why should you automate your employee onboarding?

How service orchestration can streamline the new hire process. So you’ve finally found a candidate who is a great fit...
by Stephan Orwat
May 25, 2018