10 Key DevOps Predictions for 2018

by January 25, 2018

Where are DevOps and Continuous Delivery heading in 2018? Check out Scott’s top predictions.

With 2018 now in full swing, I suppose it is upon a few of us to make tech predictions for the new year. I have already contributed to other media outlets and sources for my 2018 DevOps predictions, but thought I might more verbosely provide my divination of the coming DevOps winds. Below are my top 10 predictions for DevOps and Continuous Delivery in 2018.

10. The enterprise IT portfolio continues to expand

I know this isn’t very profound or perhaps provocative, but with many organizations rewriting critical apps to cloud-native architectures, it seems to me that IT budgets and resources ought to buckle up because container and serverless services will grow in adoption this year, but all the while IT departments will still have to maintain other existing systems. Your IT technology portfolio will likely grow to include a containerized or serverless app along with your mainframe and other core backend systems.

9. Headcount will shift left

All the talk in 2017 was shift left. Well, in 2018 companies will be shifting headcount left. I foresee a growing trend in 2018 of IT organizations reducing operations staff and moving that headcount to development organizations. The days of repetitive and simple system administration jobs is coming to a close. With infrastructure and routing that can be defined as code, infrastructure and network engineering will be a growing need, and these skills belong in development organizations where standard SDLC best practices and DevOps principles can be followed.

8. Executive heads will roll

I have already seen some companies promoting personnel from within who possess DevOps skills, ahead of sitting executives. People who know how to move IT backed initiatives fast. Executives who do not know what DevOps is and how it can help with their digital transformation initiatives could be kicked to the curb in 2018.

7. DevOps growth will continue

DevOps has already experienced significant adoption rates. The numbers don’t lie. The proof is in the pudding. Pick your proverbial phrase, DevOps improves many business outcomes including revenue. The upwards adoption rate for DevOps will continue in 2018.

6. DevSecOps will be a growing topic

The importance of security can never be understated. The big news headline of 2017 was the Equifax data breach. I hope another big-name corporation will not find itself on the front page in 2018, however, I suspect history to repeat itself this year. When will we learn? With DevOps adoption growing, so too will DevSecOps. Expect to see more articles and messaging in 2018 on including security into your continuous delivery pipelines and DevOps practices.

5. More is more for Gartner MQ and Forrester Wave

There will be more tools added to the Gartner ARA Magic Quadrant and the Forrester Wave for Continuous Delivery. Application Release Automation (ARA) and Continuous Delivery automation are emerging markets, and as a result, 2018 will see new players enter the fray. Don’t be too surprised if one leader from both of these reports doesn’t remain a leader in the 2018 reports.

4. Right shift, left shift, OpenShift

RedHat OpenShift will grow considerably in 2018. OpenShift has already experienced incredible growth, but 2018 will be a bumper year as companies adopt it for CD/ARA and replace traditional automation/batch-scheduling tasks.

3. Increase in DevOps jobs

2018 will see more job postings for DevOps talent. Companies need to move IT backed initiatives faster. They know this and DevOps is the way to make it happen. As a result, I expect to see growth in the number of companies looking for DevOps knowledgeable resources.

2. Cloud resources begin to look like deregulated utilities

I am not saying that it will be the norm, but I do expect to see the technological progress that will ultimately allow companies to flip-flop between cloud providers. Companies want to keep costs down, and one way to do this is to be able to switch between cloud providers to take advantage of competitive pricing or “coupons.”

1. Big fish will eat small fish

Two leading ARA vendors have not yet been acquired – XebiaLabs and Electric Cloud. We will see both of these companies get bought in 2018. Who will buy them is anybody’s guess, but I think the time and circumstance could be right this year.