Announcing the release of CA Automic Applications Manager 9.3.0

by April 5, 2019

What’s new in Applications Manager

Having spent half of my automation career working with this product it gives me great pleasure to announce that the 9.3.0 release was made available for download on 21st March 2019. You can download this great new version at the Automic Download site with all the associated documentation.

Many of you contribute to the success of this product not just by using it but also suggesting ways to improve the solution. Please continue to post and vote for ideas within the community site as we want to drive investment in the product exactly where you need it. At the end of this blog is a link to the community site for CA Automic Applications Manager.

So, why should you upgrade to this latest release. We want to give you the flexibility that you need when running our solutions. So we have added full support for the OpenJDK version of Java. As Oracle moves to commercial versions of Java we wanted to give clients the options to adopt whichever Java variant they need for their business.

Similarly, customers want to embrace the latest technologies from Oracle, so we have added full support for Oracle 18c in this release. Eliminating any barriers or challenges to adoption for clients as they advance their use of Oracle technologies.

Beyond technology support, we are always looking to simplify using our solutions. The licensing keys within CA Automic Applications Manager were a challenge to some customers. So we have removed them, from this version forward you will never have issues around deploying or having expired keys across your system. For those of you that have had this in the past I am sure you will be celebrating.

Many areas of the product were enhanced either through fixing known problems or by user experience changes requested by you, the users of the product. So again, showing the ongoing commitment to this crucial technology that allows you to run your business.

Notable changes:

  • Ellucian Banner job starting has been enhanced which eliminates the “Launch Error” status that some customers occasionally reported.
  • Integration with LDAP with SSL has been hardened which has eliminated the login issues that have been reported by some clients.

To get the latest information both other customers as well as CA I would recommend joining the online community at Join Applications Manager Community. Here you can also vote on new ideation suggestions from the community, giving you a stronger voice in determining the direction of the product.

I look forward to your ideas as we advance CA Automic Applications Manager into the future.