AutoSys Workload Automation Gets Its Mobile App

by May 21, 2019

Most of us have a smart phone or other mobile devices where we use apps – to play games, get step-by-step directions, access news, books, weather, and more.  But now there is even more use of apps in the AutoSys world.

Powerless to intervene while out of the office

If you’re either an admin or user of AutoSys Workload Automation, one or both these scenarios probably strikes a responsive chord:

  • Scenario #1 – an AutoSys Workload Automation Admin receives an urgent request to Force Start or Kill a job. The Regular on call process fails. An escalation person is available, but is away from home or has no access to corporate systems 
  • Scenario #2 – a subset of jobs stops executing, and STARTJOBFAIL alarms are issued, but the AutoSys Admin is out of office and has no backup.

A game changer for AutoSys Workload Automation users

Up until now you’d have been powerless to intervene while out of the office. But from now-on things can be totally different, and this is a game changer for AutoSys Workload Automation users:

  • In Scenario #1 – the escalation person is able to access AutoSys and take the requested action from their smartphone, and actions taken are logged in both EEM and ‘autotrack’ 
  • In Scenario #2 – the AutoSys Admin is nonetheless able to check status of affected machine(s) via their mobile device and assist with troubleshooting.

Using AutoSight, a mobile app developed by Extra Technology, a CA Technologies Workload Automation Partner, you can view and manage your AutoSys Workload Automation jobs and workflows on your mobile device wherever you are, responding to problems and alerts while out of the office and without a laptop. 

There is quite a bit of energy spreading throughout the AutoSys Community right now with 

Watch the AutoSight Webinar replay featuring speaker Anthony Askew, Extra Technology.

I have witnessed customer excitement over AutoSight so I would strongly suggest you connect to the Workload Automation User Community to view the webinar replay. My guess is you will find that in addition to using your mobile device for news, weather, games and more…. what a bonus to now be able to monitor your AutoSys workloads, even when you’re out of the office, with AutoSight.