Forrester TEI Report on CA Workload Automation Solutions

by March 21, 2018

Looking for an independent, authoritative view on how workload automation could transform your IT Operations?

Enterprise workload automation is a unified, flexible approach to automation. Workload automation solutions, such as those provided by CA Technologies, can execute business, application and infrastructure processes across on-premises, cloud and hybrid environments, and can be adopted incrementally, providing visibility across the entire business. By mitigating risk and driving enterprise standardization, enterprise workload automation ultimately allows the business to execute at pace

Forrester Total Economic Impact Report

These benefits of workload automation can have a massive economic impact on an organization’s productivity, which Forrester’s November 2017 Total Economic Impact report quantifies. Working with a CA customer, Forrester used their bespoke Total Economic Impact (TEI) methodology to determine the value of using a CA workload automation solution, considering the benefits, costs and risks associated.

Tracking the customer journey over a three-year period and interviewing employees first-hand, Forrester examined the results of installing and using CA workload automation solutions, both in terms of tangible figures and top-line benefits. The analysis also considers how these results might translate to other organizations looking to install an enterprise-level automation solution.

Prior to implementing the CA workload automation solution, the customer used a variety of products, including a home-grown application, to schedule thousands of jobs—with limited success. The workload manager described their challenges to Forrester: “We used to get emails whenever SLAs were at risk. This happened quite frequently. Using CA solutions, we realize major boosts in productivity in two areas: development teams and end users.” The workload manager continues, “The development teams are able to manage workload tasks on their own. With a total of 50 developer teams that save an average of 1.5 hours every day, the savings totaled 19,500 hours per year. In addition, we avoid impacting the productivity of end users when workloads don’t complete on time. Previously, each time a run failed to complete, it would impact 800 to 1,000 users for several hours. Such overruns just don’t happen any longer.”

Forrester’s interview and subsequent financial analysis found that the organization experienced benefits of $5.7 million over three years, versus costs of $883,685, adding up to a net present value of almost $4.8 million and a 541% return on investment.

Read your complimentary copy of the Forrester TEI report now and learn more about how CA workload automation solutions can help you:

  • Improve utilization and extend capacity of existing IT resources
  • Increase development team productivity with self-service capabilities
  • Ensure business SLAs are met with critical IT workloads that complete on time
  • Mitigate risk by removing avoidable errors and delays from business workflows