Is Digital Business Automation important to me?

by July 29, 2019

First of all, let us acknowledge the most significant evolutionary tide that has hit enterprises in a generation – digital transformation. Without fail, there is digital transformation initiatives underway within your organization, and the chances are that you are directly participating in one  

 You are not alone in embracing transformative initiatives.  If you look at numbers from Gartner and IDC, the question quickly becomes ‘am I doing enough?’  A Gartner finding suggests that by the year, 2020, 55% of organizations will be digitally determined.  This is not a folly because IDC independently predicts that enterprises will spend $5.9 Trillion on DT initiatives over 4 years.  But, even with all this spend and effort, 2/3 of business leaders believe that their companies must pick up the pace – they are too slow.  

So, the short answer to is Digital Business Automation important to me is YES.

Motivation for Digital Transformation

Reasons for transformation are unique from company to company.  But there are common themes that run across them, transformation aligns to three major business categories:

  • Unlocking new opportunities.  In the old economy, delivery avenues, channels, and methods were reasonably straight forward and understood.  The new digital economy provides greater fluidity for delivering products or services to your customers.  Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking can unlock new revenue opportunities. 
  • Deliver exception experiences.  With competition just a click away, it is critical that you provide your customers with exceptional and engaging experiences.   
  • Increasing productivity.  Digital transformation increases the scale of work and pervasive automation drives increased productivity with the same resources across a complex enterprise ecosystem.

Agility, especially enterprise agility is a common outcome for all transformation initiatives. Users and customers are living in the ‘now economy,’ meaning they not only want their product or service immediately, but they want a friendly, knowledgeable, and trustworthy experience along with it. This community is not prepared to wait so we need to deliver change at pace and at scale.

What is Digital Business Automation?

“Digital business automation is a component of digital transformation. It focuses on incorporating the digital realm – in particular data, the software and hardware that works with it, and the infrastructure that supports it – and applying upgrades to efficiency to traditional business processes.” Source TechRadar 

Now we have all had automation of one form or another for many years, in fact most of us with have many forms of automation across the business. But each of these has been in isolation, Gartner coined the phrase “Islands of Automation” several years ago and this demonstrated a project by project view of obtaining and applying automation within the business. And although we always do ROI calculations the benefits achieved are often lower than expected.

So, although all automation technologies can automate specific things, not all can be applied broadly across the business, providing multiple use-cases where the same technology provides value to the business and neither can all of them be leveraged in our evolving digital world.

But, this is not solely a software issue, it is also a mind set, a way of working to support the business, this is called an Automation Center of Excellence.  Enterprises need to start with their people and create an ‘automation first’ culture to improve the enablement and rate of adoption of automation. Doing so will establish the foundational interconnectivity between teams, systems, and data within outcome focused workflows that drive continuous delivery of value.  

To support this ethos though you do need technology to support you, organizations need to foster an ecosystem of actions, add-ons, and templates to make adoption sustainable – comprehensive and compliant with standards/policies. The outcome of this effort helps minimize risk to digital infrastructure and set the enterprise on the path to evolve automation to be intelligent and autonomous. This is where Digital Business Automation exists.

Digital Business Automation from CA Technologies

Here at CA we have been enabling customers digital transformation journeys for many years, with the latest release of Automic® Automation we are providing that holistic backbone to support enterprise agility and enable your Center of Excellence to enable success in your digital transformation. With hundreds of built-in capabilities and available integrations in the marketplace, the main areas where Automic Automic provides this framework for successful digital transformation are: 

Workload Automation

Modern enterprises have evolved past traditional instantiation of batch scheduling and workload automation.  Today, management and execution are done in real-time, across complex environments from mainframe to cloud, from ERP systems to microservices.  An organization amid digital transformation is dealing with an evolutionary technology toolchain and update to their business processes. Leveraging an Automation CoE and Automic helps overcome these hurdles driving enterprise agility and growth to your company.

Self-Service Automation

Another facet of enterprise agility is through self-service.  Beyond traditional operations automation through self-service, an Automation CoE can enable shift left activities within development and business process by bringing data and abilities together with the technologies that users already know in their respective areas – automation as code for developers, or ServiceNow for business users.

Big Data Automation

With big data automation, self-service and automated enablement of data an automation CoE simplifies processes and empowers the agility necessary for innovation. Automic, along with an Automation CoE, also helps with collaboration and delivery of value without compromising adherence to governing standards and full end-to-end transparency. It transforms the speed from ideation to production by enabling data scientists and other non-technical staff a catalogue of self-service options to deliver results faster through the design and development cycle.

Whether it is more traditional workload automation across your ERP and other business applications, supporting your data scientists to deliver Big Data results to the business securely, efficiently and safely or providing self-service automation for both business and IT processing. Automic Automation enables your Automation Center of Excellence to become pervasive across the company. 

Automic is your strategic enabler to support digital success, to leverage existing investments and allow you to work like a digital native, creating new levels of agility at scale and supporting your Center of Excellence in delivering the digital transformation your business deserves.