Mainframe Automation: Continuous Delivery Isn’t Just for Kids Anymore

by November 23, 2017

The mainframe has long been declared ‘dead’, yet it remains a pivotal part of the modern enterprise.

The mainframe is dead! Long live mainframe automation! For decades, people have been discussing the ‘demise’ of the IBM mainframe. Truth be told, it continues to be at the heart of many of the world’s largest financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare organizations and retail businesses. Some even estimate its usage is growing – did you know:

  • IBM estimates that 1.3 million CICS transactions are executed every second?
  • Over 220 billion lines of Cobol code run these mission critical systems?

Does that sound “dead” to you? Rather, there’s more pressure than ever to integrate these “systems of record” with modern “systems of engagement”. The digital revolution is thriving:  the Modern Software Factory is a reality and mainframe can play a crucial role in the success of this phenomenon.

Modernizing with mainframe automation

Agile development and continuous delivery are all the rage today, enabling the delivery of highly innovative applications to market at a faster pace and with greater quality than ever before. For many businesses, this revolution must include mainframe automation components, as there is often a tight relationship between the “systems of record” and customer facing applications on the web.

No company understands this better than CA Technologies. We’ve been providing mainframe technology to enterprise businesses for over 40 years. Many of these customers are also highly engaged in implementing CA Automic Release Automation and other continuous delivery solutions to streamline and speed up their application release process. Now, with CA Automic Release Automation v12.1 they can integrate their mainframe application release processes with everything else. We’ve even provided integration to CA Endevor, the leading mainframe software change management solution.

The CA Automic Release Automation integration for IBM Z optimizes the delivery and deployment of releases to mainframe, just like it does for all your other applications. This single delivery management tool now provides a comprehensive, standardized, cross-platform, continuous delivery solution from mobile to mainframe, helping organizations:

  • Automate and standardize application releases to stabilize and increase velocity of deployments
  • Plan, manage and optimize release pipelines to accelerate time-to-delivery
  • Augment test capabilities to improve quality and streamline processes

The mainframe is dead. Long live mainframe automation!