Oracle PeopleSoft Makes the Grade

by September 12, 2018

Workload automation brings efficiency to the University of Colorado

Running a large university system is complicated—from managing human resources, to maintaining university property, to a variety of other day-to-day processes—and even more so when connecting and coordinating these services across multiple campuses. Financial services at many large universities not only manage payroll for hundreds of faculty and staff, but also collect tuition payments from and distribute financial aid to thousands of students—or even tens of thousands of students, in the case of some of the largest universities in the United States. For institutions like these, using the right workload automation solution can boost efficiency, save time and resources and make it easier to excel.

Top of the Class

At the University of Colorado, the crucial business processes underlying HR, payroll and admissions across four campuses are powered by Oracle PeopleSoft, but the length of time required to process all of the data for these multi-campus systems has proved challenging. Some manual processes required two of the university’s employees to spend two full workdays on them each week.

After implementing CA Automic for Oracle PeopleSoft, an Oracle-validated integration for PeopleSoft that runs on CA Automic Workload Automation, the time and resource savings have added up quickly. This solution automates 800,000 processes each month for the university, has helped them cut over 20,000 hours of manual activity and has removed 860 hours of delays each month from financial aid processing. Eliminating the need to manually submit jobs and processes into different process schedulers has also freed up staff do the important, innovative work in their job descriptions. The members of the university who work with these systems enjoy the user-friendly interface that the CA solution provides, and the ease of teaching new team members how to use it.

In addition to these benefits, CA Automic for Oracle PeopleSoft also helps the university:

  • Run business processes faster by optimizing PeopleSoft application processing
  • Prevent the creation of application silos by connecting workflows automatically
  • Reduce business process errors by extending checks for business level errors to every stage of the business process
  • Gain increased visibility of all systems and processes enterprise-wide with a single point of control

Invest in Your Organization’s Future

Implementing tools like CA Automic for Oracle PeopleSoft is a way to maximize the return on your PeopleSoft investment. For universities managing large quantities of data, workload automation for PeopleSoft brings efficiency and readiness for the future—and helps lead the way to a digital transformation that matches the calibre of your institution.