Oracle Retail: As Easy as Riding a Bike

by October 22, 2018

How to Get the Most Out of Your Oracle Retail Investment

As a tool for transport, bicycles are masterpieces of efficiency: every part of a bike is visible and serves a purpose, and the controls are simple. Bicycles have revolutionized transportation, and the right tool can revolutionize your enterprise software systems as well.

Oracle Retail can be a vital part of your business, but this solution can also be challenging to integrate with legacy applications and the rest of your enterprise software. Still, when Oracle Retail has visibility and control, the efficiency benefits it can bring to supply chain management, batch scheduling and customer service make Oracle Retail implementation worthwhile. And for organizations that already use Oracle Retail, there are ways to get more out of it.

In a recent webinar, CA Product Marketing Manager Tony Beeston discussed the challenges of implementing this core retail solution and gave tips for how to optimize your critical business processes quickly with the help of automation. The implementation process is a journey, and building solid foundations is critical to its success. Having realistic expectations for the timeline of each phase of the project can allow you to get the early steps right, rather than put in a temporary solution that works in the short term, but never gets addressed later.

If you have already implemented Oracle Retail and experience day-to-day operational challenges, such as accidental data loss or downtime caused by human error, automation can help you overcome them. Automating defined workflows provides visibility, control and efficiency over your processes by automatically integrating data with monitoring tools, showing you where bottlenecks exist and minimizing errors. Automation can also improve your point of sale and drastically speed up processes overall, shortening implementation cycles by 75%, which helps guide your business to a place of full retail functionality.

The Best Solution for Your Business

CA Automic Workload Automation is validated by Oracle for Oracle Retail and has provided operational excellence for Oracle Retail batch for over a decade. This solution includes out-of-the-box templates for every module of Oracle Retail to integrate Oracle Retail seamlessly with the wider business, giving you complete operational control and visibility to drive increased benefits from your Oracle Retail investments.

Running your retail processes doesn’t have to be slow or resource-intensive; tools exist to help you streamline your business, and once you start using them, Oracle Retail can be as easy as riding a bike.