Personalize Your Trial and See What Automation Looks Like for You

by August 15, 2018

If you are wondering how an out-of-the-box solution can be tailored to your needs, why not check out the CA Automic One Automation Platform in a trial environment? The CA Automation Trial enables you to experience the power of our world-class business automation platform within your own personal instance. Today we’ve made the experience even more bespoke by releasing the Trial Hub dashboard, which will be located in the home perspective of your trial. This dashboard will allow you to take your trial to the next level by enabling full customisation to meet your needs and use case.

Make It Your Own // Build Your Trial

The Trial Hub enhances your trial experience by providing a number of self-service actions, including the ability to:

  • Extend your trial by 30 days
  • Invite users to your trial
  • Arrange a one-to-one introduction with a member of our team
  • Give feedback on the trial experience

Furthermore, with the ability to search, browse and install from a list of over 100 Automation Action Packs, all without leaving the trial, you now have the opportunity to customize your trial to match your own stack, whether that’s based in Windows or Linux, public cloud or mainframe.

From the main dashboard, you can also monitor how many days you have remaining in your trial and learn about the other features in the trial to maximize the time you spend evaluating the platform.

True to our business, all of the tasks you can perform in the Trial Hub are automated behind the scenes by the CA Automic One Automation Platform. Each action you perform uses the Automation Engine’s powerful REST API to execute automation workflows and jobs, so you can rest assured we really do eat our own dog food! (Metaphorically, of course—we prefer sushi!)

We’re constantly creating and adding new content to our automation trials (Continuous Delivery Automation, Service Orchestration and Workload Automation), and likewise we’ll be adding new options and functionality to the Trial Hub in the coming months.

So, what are you waiting for? Take our trial for a spin and see how the new Trial Hub can help you customize your experience!