Does Temenos Core Banking Software Need Intelligent Automation?

by October 30, 2017

How intelligent business automation can enable the hyper agility required for the digital economy

Temenos core banking software is used by cutting-edge financial institutions, and is a market-leading solution that allows users to significantly outperform their peers. IT Operations departments need to absorb this technology and integrate it with all other applications within their enterprise. This creates certain challenges, because like many other enterprise applications, Temenos has critical batch processing that must occur for the business to continue operating. IT therefore must connect it to all the broader systems to fulfill business processing; this is non-negotiable and necessitates significant resources being directed at its successful completion. Simultaneously, the highest level of security and compliance must be maintained. Intelligent business automation for Temenos Core Banking Software just might be the missing ingredient for juggling all of these requirements.

In banking, security is paramount, and through audit and compliance we have to be able to prove who did what, where, when and why. Manual instigations of workload make this a challenge as it necessitates assembling logs and keystroke records. More importantly, humans are the most common cause of errors; and mistakes cause critical processing such as close of business (COB) to run late, which in turn impacts the start of the next day.

CA Automic Workload Automation and Temenos Core Banking

CA provides an integrated solution for Temenos core banking software. It gives visibility, not only into COB process, but Temenos’ wider processing states. It allows for automation policies to include all pre and post-COB processing steps, ensuring a holistic approach. This immediately results in more proactive day-to-day environment management and also safeguards processes from the growth of the business.

Beyond the execution phase, CA Technologies eliminates the need for operations staff to run individual commands on Temenos systems, limiting the number of users that need permissions. A self-service catalogue, combined with role-based access controls, allows the correct users to execute as required. At all times, it records each request, activity and result for audit and compliance purposes.

In order to manage anything, we need visibility, but too often the processing within Temenos is nebulous. CA Automic Workload Automation elevates information into real-time dashboards, meaning the entire business can see the progress of a process and when its completion is expected.

Being an enterprise-class workload automation solution, CA Automic Workload Automation seamlessly connects all of an organization’s applications and technology, and provides a single pane of glass to view all the automated processes across the business. This ensures interdependencies are maintained and guarantees processing is executed in the right order, meaning the right data is available to the right users, at the right time.

Active service levels inform us if any breaches have or are likely to occur, and as such we don’t have to continually monitor the system and check everything is ok. Furthermore, you can even determine automation policies to enact resolution if required.

By maintaining all the pre and post-processing dependencies, we instantly achieve consistency in execution. Furthermore, through automation we also gain efficiency, shortening the time it takes to deliver the results.

We can accommodate growth quickly by adopting new branches and companies as they arrive; change becomes fast and easy, and at the same time maintains accuracy, consistency and auditability.

CA Technologies is a leader in automation and partnered with Temenos to bring the world of intelligent business automation to the banking world. You can see the solution on the Temenos Marketplace and this level of support is provided for both TAFC and TAFJ versions.

Agile Operations

Today’s successful business requires agile operations. It needs a department that can take on change at speed, deliver intelligent automation to create efficiency within their organization. This allows different lines of business to contribute and participate in automation, while also ensuring accuracy and consistency. The extension of CA Technologies to Temenos core banking software provides the opening for intelligent business automation to change your organization.

Agile operations for banking has finally become a reality, and we can now deliver on the promise of the fully automated enterprise.