MAS Storage Services for Mobile Apps

by January 24, 2018

Mobile App Services (MAS) Storage services are the perfect solution for storing critical user or application data locally on your mobile device or in a private cloud using an enterprise-grade encryption. Our Mobile API Gateway (MAG) handles the user authentication to secure the data. MAG uses the Transport Layer Security (TLS) with CA certificates that establishes client-server trust to provide privacy and data integrity.

In addition to storage service, MAS provide the following permissions or access control modes to limit access to the stored data. Let us consider the access control modes in terms of the coffee house example explained in the MAS Foundation article.

MAS Application

The data is available within the app. All the users who are using the app can access the data. Anyone can drink coffee in any given café.

MAS User | MAS Application

The user who saves the data in the app can access it. Only the one who prepares the coffee can drink it. Also, they can’t take the coffee out of the café.

MAS User

The user who saves the data in the app can access the data on multiple apps. (Only for cloud storage) Only the one who prepares the coffee can drink it. But this time, they can drink it in any other café.

Follow the instructions to get the hands-on experience to include the MAS Storage plugin in our sample app to avail the cool storage feature:

Get started with our MAS Storage services by downloading the MASStorage plugin from our Cordova repository. Now to add the MAS Storage plugin to your project, follow these steps:

1.      Open a terminal window.

2.      Run the following command to add the plugin to your project:

3.      Download our sample app quickly from the GitHub repository and start storing the data.

4.      Call the following methods to save the data in a cloud in a string format:


mimeType is the type of data to save (“text/plain” in our case).

key is the unique key to save the data.

data is data that gets stored

mode is the access control mode.

5.      Call the following method to retrieve the data that you saved on cloud:

Interested in knowing how to securely store data locally on a device, check out our documentation.