Mobile App Services Identity Management

by February 5, 2018

Managing users and groups in an enterprise is a responsible task. Trust our Mobile App Services (MAS) Identity Management service to securely access users and groups from identity providers such as LDAP, MSAD. You can create groups called ad-hoc groups on the fly for collaborative apps. CA MAS Identity management uses SCIM protocol to manage identities in your apps.

Managing users is similar to managing a social networking site with registered users. Users join the groups and collaborate with each other. The group owner has the power to add the user to a group or remove the users from a specific group.

Download or clone the MAS Identity Management plugin for Cordova repository and follow the instructions to use our MAS Identity Management service:

1.      Just run the following command to add the plugin to your project.

Our earlier article about MAS Foundation  guided you in creating a basic Cordova app that starts the MAS SDK and logs in with a username and password.

Now let us enable the app to lists the users and the groups.

2.      Call the following method to lists the users that are logged in to your app:

3.      Call the following method to lists the number of users that are part of a group:

The groupValue parameter is the unique ID of the group.

4.     Now let us search the users or group using the following filter components:

  • Filter string – Contains the field that is to be searched, the search operation and the search value.
    For example, the “username::co::alex” string lets the SDK search for objects whose usrname is “alex”.
    View the MAS documentation for more information about the available options for the filter component.
  • Sort attribute – Sorts the results.
  • Sort order – The returned result is sorted in an “ascending” or “descending” order.
  • Pagination – Specifies the starting index and the number of results that are displayed in the app.

An example that defines a sample filter criterion that is available in the sample app.

5.     Call the following method to use the above filter criteria in your app:

Note: Steps to search a group is similar to the above filter criteria. Visit the MAS Documentation for more information about the MAS Identity Management feature.

Aglave Sangharsh

Sangharsh Aglave, Software Engineer, CA Technologies

Sangharsh Aglave is a Software Engineer at CA Technologies. He works in the API Management Business Unit where he works on mobile technologies on the Mobile App Services product.

Sangharsh graduated from the Computer Science Department at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur in 2015. He worked as a summer intern at CA and consequently joined CA as a college recruit after graduation. He has a keen interest in mobile technologies and has worked on both iOS and Android platforms. He also likes to explore emerging fields in Computer Science like machine learning and artificial intelligence.