Welcome to CA Mobile App Services

by October 30, 2017

Today, we are launching CA Mobile App Services developer site which will be the landing page for all the mobile app related things we do over at APIM.

On this web site developers can find product documentation, sample apps, tutorials, blogs, anything technical that is relevant to CA Mobile App Services (MAS) and CA Mobile API Gateway (MAG) which is the foundation for MAS. We will have a simple sub domain to ca.com which is easily discoverable and provides the information a developer needs in the format he or she deserves. Nothing more – nothing less.

We, the APIM team, are very excited about building out MAS. So what makes us so exited? The market for mobile app developer tools and frameworks are saturated. Granted. Do we really need anything else than the existing MEAPs, MADP, MBaaS and traditional APIM platforms? We considered this and believe these segments are in flux. The market is moving. With more connected devices joining the Internet, smart objects and all the new opportunities around IoT and the fourth industrial revolution none of these categories covers all developers needs. In fact, some totally ignore important aspects of the modern app such as it needs to engage with objects in proximity. It needs to be collaborative beyond sharing a FB status update. It needs to be able to communicate and exchange messages with other apps, with users. With groups of users. With groups of anything. Temporal groups. It needs to be able to control things that may not be having its own internet access. Its should unlock your front door, and remote start your car. It needs to be able to read data off a healthy living device such as a pulse meter. And it needs to migrate its session to another device as the user picks up another device. And all this while security and privacy is ensured. No leaks, no crazy security mechanisms obstructing the UX.

What does it take to write such an app? Not a whole lot it turns out.

Welcome to the CA Mobile App Services.