Three keys for optimizing digital experience in 2017

Learn how app analytics can help evolve your customers’ digital experience.

Attracting and retaining customers in the app economy requires a great digital experience. Despite the complexity of today’s applications, customers demand fast and flawless performance, an intuitive interface, and a frustration-free experience.

To create apps that live up to your customers’ expectations, the entire application team, from application owners and IT operations to design and developers, need the right insights to identify potential digital experience issues. From testing in pre-production to a poor experience in production, these teams need immediate insights so they can triage issues before they impact the customer experience, whether the issue be in the design, code, or infrastructure.

However, according to a recent survey by Vanson Bourne, 90 percent of organizations feel they lack insight into their customers’ digital experience. Without insights into the digital experience of your apps, uncovering issues means you’re relying on your customers to open support tickets or worse, post about their experience on social media or leave a negative review and a poor star rating on your app.

The Digital Experience Data Gap

The 3 most frequently cited areas where organizations lacked insight into digital experience are:

Usage Analytics

Usage analytics is a key to understanding how your users are engaging with your app, where and why they’re dropping off and whether or not they had a good or poor experience with your app. These insights are the next best thing to seeing your customer face-to-face. With insights from an app analytics solution, you can not only better understand who your users are and what they’re doing, but you can also virtually peak over the shoulder of your users by watching app session replays, seeing what they did in the app, where they clicked and what their experience was like.

Read Quit Playing Hide-and-Seek with Your App Users to learn more about usage analytics.

Insight into the Customer Journey

Many organizations today have multiple ways a customer can engage with their brand, whether it’s through a mobile app, website, or brick-and-mortar store, but tracking the customers’ journey and understanding why a customer switched from one device to another is often a mystery.

Read Your Customers’ Journey Begins with a Single Click to learn more about gaining insight into your customers’ journey.

Performance Analytics

Now, more than ever, IT Operations needs a solution that can proactively monitor all app environments and quickly provide the insights needed to rapidly triage issues, so less man-hours are spent on finding and fixing issues and more time can be spent elsewhere. And the best place to spend that time is to focus on improving the digital experience, which will not only increase IT’s value to the organization, but also increase the company’s ability to attract and retain new customers and increase revenue (by an average of 21 percent).

Read Dear IT Ops, App Performance is No Longer Your Job to learn more about usage analytics.

If your organization is lacking insights into any of these areas and you’d like to learn more about how an app analytics solution can help watch the “Evolving the Digital Experience in 2017” on-demand webinar.


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