7 reasons why CA Automic Release Automation is the Best DevOps Commercial Solution

Find out why CA Automic Release Automation was a finalist at the annual DevOps Dozen Awards in the ‘Best DevOps Commercial Solution’ category.

The modern software factory eliminates the barriers between ideas and outcomes. It enables your organization to build and release software quickly, more frequently, and without delays or disruptions. Ultimately, this factory streamlines traditional methods of delivery and navigates bottlenecks, while also finding ways around the inefficient use of resources.

The heartbeat of this modern software factory? Release automation, which automates software delivery through the integration, automation, and orchestration of the entire DevOps toolchain. And guess what? CA Automic Release Automation was a finalist at the third annual DevOps Dozen Awards in the category for ‘Best DevOps Commercial Solution’, and CA as a company was awarded ‘Best DevOps Solution Provider for 2017’.

So here are seven reasons why CA Continuous Delivery Automation is the stand-out choice to simplify the provisioning, build and release of multi-tiered applications.

  1. Built for the future

CA Automic Release Automation automates the modern software factory through integration, automation, and orchestration of the entire DevOps toolchain. CA empowers operations to be more agile, QA to be more streamlined, and development to be more compliant. Front-end apps can be built quickly with DevOps approaches that access an agile back-end. Finally, the back-end can keep up and enterprise IT can perform like a modern software factory.

  1. Enterprise-scale release automation

The solution provides the only tried-and-true, production-first automation technology that acts as a digital assembly line. It orchestrates existing islands of automation, automates handoffs between siloed SMEs and can assist with compliance and governance adherence. This is continuous delivery automation at an enterprise scale, where handling the rigors and demands of production environments is paramount. Managing the continuous deployment of modern, heterogeneous applications is made possible with the ease and simplicity of push-button execution.

  1. Built from the ground up with customers in mind

Customers using CA Automic Release Automation no longer need to maintain custom scripts for deployment, configuration, and provisioning. CA customers move beyond islands of automation and separate practices for PROD and non-PROD. Customers become agile enterprises using intelligent automation for the modern software factory that scales to the internet of things, as well as to core back-end systems such as the mainframe.

  1. Agnostic and agile

CA Automic Release Automation is environment agnostic: physical hardware, Docker containers, and private, public, and hybrid clouds are all fully supported. Add in unbiased connectivity, unmatched performance and scalability, and built-in multitenancy, rollback, environment reservation, and locking capabilities, and it’s clear that CA is uniquely positioned to help transform any enterprise for the digital age.

  1. Credibility you can count on

CA is a recognized business partner to thousands of large organizations worldwide, with more than 20 years of production-grade automation experience. The company has a vast array of customers, has been recognized by top industry analyst firms Gartner and Forrester, and has the reach and longevity to be the ideal partner for transformative initiatives such as DevOps or digital transformation.

  1. CA Automic offered the world’s first DevOps Maturity model assessment

This free assessment will help you discover your DevOps maturity level in four key areas, as well as your overall DevOps maturity level. This includes culture and strategy, automation, structure and processes, and collaboration and sharing. After taking the assessment, you will be provided with a report containing recommendations based on your overall DevOps maturity level and on the maturity level of each of the areas listed above. You will also be able to compare your maturity level to the average level of all other respondents.

  1. Our customers tell us CA Automic Release Automation is the best

Tatra Banka, Slovakia’s first private bank, has experienced the difference CA Automic Release Automation can make. This solution automates the bank’s end-to-end deployment cycle and orchestrates the entire DevOps pipeline. According to Stefan Nemeth, Head of IT Delivery at Tatra Banka, “Our development teams do not face any deployment limits; they are able to deploy without depending on the capacity of operations teams, and they can do it fast and frequently.” Automated deployment now takes six minutes, instead of 30 minutes of manual work—five times faster. Plus, the increased reliability means that there is very little risk of disrupting business operations.


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