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Every business is a software business. We are now in the new age of the application economy. No matter how large or small, software is playing an increasingly important part in the way businesses function and run. The world of enterprise IT is changing, fast.
Here on Highlight, we’re excited to bring you the latest thoughts, musings and concepts shaping our world and the application economy. Of course, we will be talking about our own products, solutions and services on occasion. It is our house, after all.


We hope to bring you the freshest and finest minds in Enterprise technology, give them a platform to express their opinions, views and insights. To start debate. To encourage participation. To move the enterprise IT discussion forward.

Today, software sits at the heart of every business, the end-user has greater precedence than ever before and the business matters more than the IT that powers it.

There’s a new set of rules in the application economy, which we’ll be exploring on a daily basis.

We want to hear from you. We’ve opened up comments on Highlight for you to share your views, take part in the debate and let us know what we can do better. So, read, share and discuss the future of IT on Highlight – the official CA Technologies blog.

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