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As DevOps continues to mature, it’s incumbent of practitioners, vendors and thought-leaders alike to share their insights and guidance. Especially when those opinions challenge the status-quo, promote fresh thinking and stimulate on-going debate and discussion.

One such contribution is CA Technologies DevOps Perspectives — an eBook devoted to providing actionable and independent guidance on many aspects of DevOps, including culture, metrics, automation and tooling. In our sixth edition, we examine the theme of DevOps maturity and the innovative techniques organizations use to increase it.

Take for example the piece from Sarah Wells from the Financial Times, who examines the application of “Nudge Theory” to incentivize increasingly empowered teams to do the right thing for the business. It’s a wonderful example of DevOps being used to guide and shape positive behaviors, build trust and support a winning culture.

We’ve also included an article on DevSecOps by Greg Bledsoe, a managing consultant at Accenture. Here, Greg discusses how in the age of fast and iterative software development, traditional perimeter-based security is falling short. He describes how security should be part of everyone’s problem and baked into the development lifecycle – noting that nothing is ever done until it’s secure and how that process starts before one line of code is written.

While many articles seem to impress that DevOps and agile is an automatic choice for choice for developers, that isn’t actually always the case. In fact, and as illustrated in a compelling piece from Allan Kelly an agile specialist, it’s entirely possible that attempts to introduce it might be met with resistance from the very community that would reasonably be expected to embrace it with open arms. Allan discusses this issue and some common-sense tactics and techniques needed to overcome it.

With growing DevOps maturity as the common theme across this edition, we also illustrate other techniques and approaches. This includes data science and analytics, continuous testing and discussion around the practice of site reliability engineering.

Of courses, there’s nothing better than tapping into the real-world DevOps use cases. So in keeping with previous editions, DevOps Perspectives 6 includes a number of case stories. Like for example online grocery company Ocado and the importance of a strong DevOps culture in supporting 1,000 strong technology team – plus how the Guardian newspaper employs A/B testing to gauge which new features from a continuous delivery pipeline are having the most impact and should be used to prioritize the next round of software iterations.

You can download DevOps Perspectives 6 here. For more information how to transform culture, process and tooling to accelerate software delivery check out our DevOps page.



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