Agile Management Virtual Summit: Aligning Strategy with Execution

Join us on May 17th to learn why you must make the shift from doing agile to being agile

CA Technologies’ 3rd Annual Agile Management Virtual Summit: Aligning Strategy with Execution,  will be held on May 17th, 2018. This virtual event will cover multiple CA solutions, each with its own dedicated track and sessions. Register now!


Is your organization marching in lock step? It’s relatively easy to ensure your people are moving forward as a cohesive whole in a static environment. But today’s business world is anything but static. So, what happens when speed becomes a key priority and challenges in the form of market disruptions, hot new competitors and overcommitted teams come into play? Are you still aligned?

The truth is, maintaining alignment in a dynamic and sometimes turbulent environment can be difficult, but there are methods and best practices to help. This year’s Agile Management Virtual Summit is focused on helping organizations achieve and maintain alignment between strategy and execution, and ensuring the entire organization is working towards the same revenue-driving targets.


Agile Track: The Path to Digital Transformation & Business Agility

To thrive in today’s fast-moving digital economy, you’ve got to make the shift from doing agile to being agile. That means a mental and cultural shift towards business agility involving people, processes, data, and technology across your entire enterprise. Scaling agile across teams can maximize opportunities and customer value and put you ahead of the digital transformation curve. It starts with the right solution.

Join CA experts and industry thought leaders to learn how agile solutions can empower your organization to deliver better business results through stronger teams, greater innovation and data-driven decision making. The lineup of speakers and topics include:

  • Forrester VP and Principal Analyst Jeffrey Hammond will discuss how modern CIOs are overcoming outdated processes and limited resources by making agile practices the backbone and operational guide to digital transformations designed to increase velocity and decrease the strain on development. 
  • Scaled Agile, Inc. Co-founder and Chief Methodologist Dean Leffingwell will discuss how practices that seem disparate—agile, scaled agile, Lean Startup, Lean UX, DevOps, Continuous Delivery—are actually complementary methodologies that together drive innovation. And the elemental practice that binds them all? Reduced batch sizes and fast feedback.
  • Roffensian Consulting President Andy Jordan will illustrate how—through consistent, reliable business information, effective predictive analysis and a culture of business agility—organizations can adapt to deliver customer value and optimize business results in a continuously evolving market rife with challenges and opportunities.


PPM Track: Helping the Overcommitted Organization Deliver

Disruption can no longer be addressed on an annual basis. Lower barriers to entry mean continuous competitive pressure. That means continuous planning is required to deliver more value to market faster—with the same fixed resources. Your organization must not fall into the over-commitment trap, but remain focused on operational excellence.

Join us to hear from industry experts about how you can enable the seamless management of services, projects, products, people and financials to ensure alignment. Learn how project and portfolio management solutions can drive innovation and better business results. Speakers for this track include:

  • R2 Consulting President Rick Morris will discuss real-world experience in transforming ideas into outcomes by more effectively prioritizing, executing, allocating funding and resources, and embracing change. A bridge between agile and project management worlds is required, and that must include a deep understanding of associated roles and responsibilities.
  • Former Gartner IT analyst Donna Fitzgerald, currently of Stasys, Inc. will explore the certainties of the future (including agile and its impact on society) and suggest how PMs can leverage their innate talent in helping people get work done under challenging conditions to begin showcasing the skills necessary for future success.
  • BOT International PMO Evangelist Mark Price Perry will discuss how today’s successful PMO acts as the cornerstone of strategy execution, enabling transformation and embracing agile methodologies to achieve business goals and drive top down innovation. He’ll outline how PMOs can consistently transform outputs to outcomes.


ITSM Track: What’s Hot, New, Next and Not

The world of ITSM is undergoing significant change in reaction to opportunities availed by DevOps, Agile, Lean, Digital Transformation and other IT trends. It is critical for ITSM organizations and practitioners to stay on top of these changes and understand what they mean to them today, tomorrow and in the longer term. Hear from industry experts like Adam Holtby, Senior Research Analyst, Ovum share findings from recent Ovum research into the digital workplace and  why service management practices and technologies are important in supporting enterprises in delivering against digital initiatives.

  • Ovum senior analyst Adam Holtby will discuss how the way people work is changing in response to digital transformation, and will share findings from recent Ovum research into the digital workplace and why service management is important delivering digital initiatives.
  • EMA vice president Dennis Drogseth will examine how ITSM is evolving as a hub for all of IT, its role in integrated asset management, integrated operations and war-room needs, DevOps/agile, SecOps and its growing role as a center for IT governance.
  • Thomas Mendel, Managing Director of industry analyst firm Research in Action, will present his recent research into 1500 IT organizations on how they use ITSM and the vendor tools they employ, the market trends and challenges they face, and how they rank the top 20 ITSM vendors.


Whether you’re interested in driving productivity and business-user satisfaction, fostering innovation, scaling agile to maximize opportunities and customer value, leveraging strategic roadmapping to bring new ideas to market faster, or just wondering how to keep “Robbie the Robot” from taking your job, this summit is designed to provide the information you need to address your biggest challenges.

Please join CA and these thought leaders on May 17th and learn how agile solutions and methodologies combined with best practices and technologies in project and portfolio management can empower your organization.

Register now and learn how to change your future.

Marla Schimke
As the Head of Product Marketing for Agile Central at CA Technologies, Marla brings more…


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