Agility in planning and delivery drives CA PPM success

Forrester Research identifies growth in tech and portfolio management driven by challenges around planning and delivery decisions.

Success in business today depends on technology more than ever before. The secret for most businesses is not just how the organization effectively manages technology to drive business, it’s the selection and execution of IT-delivered business initiatives. This is where project portfolio management software solutions, such as CA PPM, play a pivotal role.

Forrester Research, Inc. recently completed an evaluation of the tech management portfolio management market. They identified that the market is growing because more EA and portfolio management professionals are leveraging portfolio management as a discipline to address their top challenges, including planning and delivery decisions.

In “The Forrester Wave™: Portfolio Management For The Tech Management Agenda, Q1 2015,” Forrester analysts stated that “standalone, bottom-up planning technology no longer effectively supports the needs of tech management leaders. Extensible solutions with streamlined integration capabilities that support hybrid planning and delivery practices in an intuitive UI will dictate which providers will lead the pack.”

Seeing the whole picture

Indeed, accessibility, extensibility and integration are critical components of the solution to support integration with existing systems of record, and to build a complete picture of demand and delivery across the organization.

We are very proud that CA was described as a “longtime PPM leader” in this Forrester Wave report, which also explained how CA “supports business activities from planning to development to management and security.”

The report also outlined the CA solution offering, which “integrates four products—CA PPM, CA PPM SaaS, CA Agile Planning and CA Executive Playbook—to support strategy development and portfolio management. These products focus on the following themes: owning the outcome, i.e., leveraging integrated technology to gain greater visibility to support informed planning, identification of strategic outcomes and transparency into delivering on those objectives; owning the planning and the money, i.e., increasing workforce management competencies to direct effort needed to deliver on a clear strategy; and capturing the work, i.e., supporting the way organizations work by providing technical capabilities to support multiple approaches, including Agile, Lean and linear practices.”

CA PPM is the result of working closely with our customers to deliver a solution that gives them real value and drives business agility.

We encourage to you learn more by reading the report. See for yourself how CA’s performance stacks up across all 45 Forrester criteria. I hope you enjoy it, and as always we look forward to your feedback.

Robert Stroud is VP of innovation and strategy for IT Business Management at CA Technologies.…


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