AI in IT operations: Solid or splashy?

The AI craze has taken the world by storm. 

Businesses are looking to adopt AI based applications and technologies to stay competitive and provide a better experience to their customers. Data scientists are the newest unicorns, claiming the fastest growth rate in the jobs market. While it is true that there is a lot of “AI-washing” happening, there is solid, tangible value of AI in certain aspects of businesses such as within IT operations or also known as AIOps.

Why AIOps is needed in the first place?

To better understand the value of AIOps, we need to take a step back and look at the problems it’s trying to solve.  As businesses become more digital and focused on customer experience, the sheer volume, velocity and variety of data grows. Secondly as IT adopt dynamic architectures or technologies alongside operating traditional environments the complexity rises. More data, higher complexity and stakes of providing a superior customer experience means IT teams will struggle to keep up. Existing reactive tools will not cut it anymore. Finding and resolving issues is like finding the needle in a haystack with existing tools.

Experience is everything in the digital economy, IT teams can simply no longer afford to take hours to triage issues in a firefighting mode. AI based analytics can augment existing expertise of IT staff and help them find, resolve and optimize business applications and infrastructure a lot faster.

Why AIOps now?

You may say AI and related theories have been here for years so why is it ready to adopt it now? Well we are in an exciting time. The technologies that enable or are a pre-requites for AI are widely available and affordable now. Especially Big Data technologies such as Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark which are key enablers for AI and machine learning based algorithms. In addition, the industry itself has matured, going from processing data to driving AI based operations.

Organizations have monitoring and management tools in place for pretty much every aspect of IT including applications, infrastructure and network. Aggerating and analyzing data with AI-Driven analytics tools is the logical next step in the evolution of IT Operations. Those who implement AIOps solutions can gain significant benefits such as boost operational efficiency by up to 80% and optimize resources by up to 60%.

How do I use AI to my team’s advantage?

Well to help guide you, we are bringing together the brightest minds in AI and IT Operation in an industry first AIOPS virtual summit.  As part of the summit you will get a chance to join world-renowned thought leader and author, Tom Davenport as he presents a guide to using artificial intelligence in IT operations and how AI can augment IT capabilities with contextual intelligence to drive efficiencies.  He will cut through the hype of the AI craze to explain how IT teams can put artificial intelligence to work now, in the real world. Attendees will also get insights on how to look for the “low-hanging fruit” that will make their operations more efficient and power digital businesses.

Don’t miss this event.  Register here to learn how you can start putting AI to work to your advantage.

Umair Khan is a principal product marketing manager at CA Technologies for the company’s agile…


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