A lifeline for those drowning in data: analytics-driven applications

Applying advanced analytics to specific business problems is the ideal road forward.

Companies struggle to find value in the vast and fast-growing ocean of data that surrounds them.

They face the prospect of licensing generic “big data” analytics tools, hiring scarce data science talent, and asking their overtaxed domain experts to go on hunting expeditions.  Not surprisingly, the uncertain ROI of this approach often leads to dead ends and deflated teams.

CA is now offering a powerful alternative – analytics-driven applications.  These applications solve specific business problems by applying advanced analytics, data science, machine learning and other data-centric technologies and techniques to generate measurably better business outcomes.

Business problems can range from the need for always-on availability of digital services to the prevention of ever-more sophisticated online threats, both human and automated.

By putting data to work, companies can focus their precious resources on more strategic initiatives, like digital transformation.

CA’s analytics-driven applications were recently showcased to customers, partners, press and analysts at CA World ’16 in Las Vegas.  Spanning DevOps, Security, Mainframe and even the CA Accelerator, CA’s new business incubation program, these solutions incorporated predictive and prescriptive analytics, real time analytics and machine learning.  Of particular interest was Project Jarvis, CA’s internal analytics engine which is based open source technology and an industry “gold standard” architecture.


Analytics-driven applications replace today’s reactive model for business operations, typified by “alarm storms,” with a proactive model that delivers far more rewarding customer experiences and prevents problems before they occur.

Earlier this year World Economic Forum Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab wrote an article on the Fourth Industrial Revolution, describing it as “characterized by a fusion of technologies that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital, and biological spheres.”  Advanced analytics, data science and machine learning are at the core of this revolution.

At CA, we see a world where everything is instrumented and analytics are everywhere, embedded in software that solves specific problems and drives change.


When industry analysts ask why you haven’t aggressively marketed something, you know you’re onto something special.  So while other companies lead with marketing, CA is leading by actually delivering advanced analytics-driven application across its portfolio.

Learn more about analytics-driven applications at ca.com/analytics.

David McNierney
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