Announcing CA ecoGovernance 3.0

It is widely known that energy and sustainability are growing corporate concerns with increasing implications for bottom-line corporate performance.

It is widely known that energy and sustainability are growing corporate concerns with increasing implications for bottom-line corporate performance. To help organizations address these concerns, today we announced CA ecoGovernance 3.0, a key offering in our CA ecoSoftware suite that is designed to help customers with corporate energy and sustainability management goals and initiatives.

CA ecoGovernance is designed to enable organizations to accelerate energy and sustainability business performance with automated data management, analysis and reporting. It features project planning and management, scenario planning, portfolio management and supply chain management capabilities that help enable corporate energy and sustainability transformation.

The wide range of new features and enhancements were driven by the feedback of customers actively engaged in forward-thinking energy and sustainability best practices. These include:CA ecoGovernance Screen Shot 1 small

  • Real time KPIs that leverage automatic metrics management to monitor data streams for increased visibility, and better alignment of energy and resource performance.

  • Enhanced analytics in multiple areas, including facility performance normalized to weather data, business travel analysis, and project and portfolio cost benefit analysis specialized for energy, carbon, water and waste reduction initiatives.

  • Out-of-the-box survey templates for supply chain and building assessments. Enhancements to the GRI reporting functionality, including role-based GRI program management.

  • Enhanced support for EPA ENERGY STAR® integration.

  • Mobile energy and sustainability interfaces for people on-the-go, which range from survey data capture for roaming field staff to interactive dashboards for executives’ mobile devices.

These enhanced features build on CA ecoGovernance’s existing capabilities such as out-of-the-box support for multiple languages, the agility to adapt to complex customer needs via a highly powerful configuration engine which enables mapping to existing processes, SaaS and on-premise delivery options, and its proven ability to integrate with other enterprise systems.

CA ecoGovernance 3.0 is complemented by CA ecoMeter  for real-time operational energy management and CA ecoDesktop for PC power management.  

So if you’re are looking for a more effective way to manage your energy and sustainability programs from strategy to execution, I encourage you to reach out to your CA Technologies account team to have them help you understand how you might be able to benefit from the new capabilities in CA ecoGovernance.


Terrence Clark
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