What are you doing about the application economy?

This month’s #REWRITEChat hosted by @CA_REWRITE will discuss how companies must operate in today’s application economy.

#REWRITEChat Twitter Chat on “How to Thrive in the Application Economy” at 1 p.m. EST – Tuesday, September 30, 2014, hosted by @CA_REWRITE

Today’s reality is the application economy where businesses are being reinvented by software. Companies must find the proper balance of business savvy, software and skills to succeed.

Yet talk of the application economy could cause some to scratch their heads. While this reality is upon us, the definition of this app-driven business environment could be new to some. Still it remains certain: the world in which companies now do business is forever changed.

The application economy defined

The application economy refers to the emergence of a connected, mobile, application-based world where consumers are far more likely to experience your brand and interact with your enterprise through a software application than a live person. From desktops and laptops to mobile and cloud, applications are the key to a competitive user experience, and it is all enabled by software.

We will focus on our next Twitter chat on dissecting the various aspects of the application economy. We will discuss what IT leaders can do now to drive success across their IT organizations and enable businesses to thrive via software. The application economy is full of opportunity now that IT and the business can recognize them.

Here is a preview of the question we will cover during the one-hour, online #REWRITEChat Twitter discussion, hosted by @CA_REWRITE.

  1. What does the application economy mean to you?
  2. How is the application economy changing how IT works with the business?
  3. What technologies today accelerate business performance in the application economy?
  4. What are the biggest barriers to success in the application economy?
  5. In what ways does #DevOps drive better results in the application economy?
  6. What role does #mobility play in the application economy?
  7. How can IT security pros #infosec allow access while also protecting sensitive data?
  8. What are the greatest business benefits driven by the application economy?


For more on the application economy, read How to Survive and Thrive in the Application Economy.

Denise Dubie
A former tech journalist, Denise has 20+ years experience with IT industry content.


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