Automate your workload with CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys®)

This latest release adds new features and enhancements, including compatibility with the CA Automic One Automation Platform.

As our customers become increasingly familiar with the concept of the Modern Software Factory, we are continuing to look at ways we can help you build one. This means both developing innovative new products and enhancing existing solutions to ensure that you can gain the requisite agility, insight and security.

We believe that automation is the key to unlocking a Modern Software Factory within your enterprise, and we’re pleased to announce that with this latest update—version 11.3.6 SP 7—CA Workload Automation AE is easier than ever to integrate into your complete IT ecosystem. CA Workload Automation AE orchestrates business tasks so critical processes can run automatically and continuously—and as simply as defining, scheduling, and monitoring your jobs.

The CA Automic One Automation Platform

Following the acquisition of Automic Software, at CA we’ve ensured that it is possible to directly integrate CA Workload Automation AE with the CA Automic One Automation Platform, which enables connectivity across a variety of applications, databases, operating systems, and infrastructures, and extends event-handling capabilities. If you are a user of CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys) you can now leverage features from both solution sets – allowing your business to benefit from easily adopting all of the tools it needs in the process of becoming agile, flexible, and scalable.

We are constantly looking at innovative ways we can enhance our offering to our customers.  With this new release, you can now take advantage of a host of other benefits listed below. Visit to see all the enhancements in this feature rich release.

Cloud utilization

Many businesses use services on the cloud, and AutoSys now provides out-of-the-box support for both AWS and Azure Database Services, so connecting to remote database services is easier and more reliable. This means that you are only paying for actual consumption.

Better control with centralized agent management

Having a single control center makes running business processes easier and more efficient. CA Workload Automation AE now offers a complete view across your agent landscape from a single interface – for improved audit reporting, diagnosis and resolution. The benefits of this include powerful search capabilities, access to log and report files for easier debugging, and access to parameters for synchronous start and stop capabilities, while eliminating the need to log into remote servers—ultimately, giving you better control execution.

Faster problem identification and resolution

With enhanced email notifications using custom email templates with information on job statuses differentiated by alarm types and the ability to attach log files to email notifications, your operators or administrators can now identify and resolve problems more quickly, saving time, effort, and money on error management.

Improved scalability and performance

Managing load balancing can be difficult without the right tools and is important for using available resources efficiently. Recently enhanced lightweight load balancing—using a round robin virtual machine approach—makes better use of all machines, ultimately reducing overhead and giving your teams improved scalability and performance across processes and deployed nodes. Without added complexity, service is more consistent and reliable, helping your business processes run according to plan.

At CA Technologies, we strive to understand your needs, and aim to deliver tools that continue to enhance and help your initaitives. CA Workload Automation AE (AutoSys) is a direct result of this goal, and we believe an effective solution for automating your workloads, built with your teams in mind.

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