Automating fashion

Beaumanoir improves the customer experience with automation.

Within 3 miles of my home I have a shopping mall that includes 20 women’s clothing stories and 3 department stories, 3 superstores, 4 discount shopping centers, and at least 15 women’s clothing boutiques.  The competition for my business is fierce, and I tend to gravitate to those stores where I know they will have something I like.

Beaumanoir China knows that without the right inventory at the right time, they will lose business, and more importantly, loyalty.  Headquartered in Shanghai, Beaumanoir China is a leading retailer of women’s clothing. Their fast-fashion model features eight seasons a year and a six-week average product life cycle for its Cache Cache and Bonobo brands.

Operating in a high-growth competitive market, Beaumanoir China relies heavily on technology.  The enormous amount of batch workload must complete in time to allow stores to be replenished with new stock before they open the following day. Relying on manual work was causing errors. As a result, delays in store orders and major disruptions to warehouse operations had begun to occur more frequently, that could result in a loss of sales.

Beaumanoir China identified the need for an automation solution to manage dependencies across multiple applications and servers, monitor all processing activity and raise alerts, and provide scalability to meet rapid growth to ensure their goal to double the number of stores in 5 years could be met.  With a new automation solution, the IT team was able to eliminate manual monitoring and job processing tasks, and better handle the company’s accelerating growth of Cache-Cache and Bonobo stores.

They now have increased the reliability of the data sent between systems resulting in minimized problems with store deliveries and improved performance of Beaumanoir China’s operations. Because of this success, they have decided to automate all critical workload. Beaumanoir China plans to automate the workload generated by back office, financial, and HR systems as well.


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