Application Performance Management 

Avoiding website crashing and Twitter bashing

Always-on synthetic monitoring plays key role in keeping systems running and customers happy.

Your website is your business and in the application economy users expect nothing short of a flawless experience. Last year, even 64% of all in-store sales – to the tune of $2.2 trillion – were influenced by the internet.

So if your website is down, even for just minutes, the impact on the business is serious and difficult to recover from. There is nothing worse than finding out your systems are down through a customer service call, or even worse, a twitter bashing.

With so much on the line, more advanced IT management techniques such as constant monitoring are not just nice to haves, they are a necessity. And this is where synthetic monitoring can help.

Synthetic monitoring to the rescue, and fast

Always-on synthetic monitoring helps assure that your website is up and running 24×7, around the globe. And with real-time alerts, administrators know of any potential problems before they affect customers. The ideal synthetic monitoring solution not only raises alerts on potential issues, it also gives staff the key details needed to quickly determine the source and fix problems faster.

With synthetic monitoring from CA Technologies, you can begin monitoring your website in less than three minutes – saving you countless dollars and hours of frustration down the line. With a network of 95 monitoring stations across six continents and 48 countries, CA App Synthetic Monitor provides an outside-in view, so you can fully understand the customer experience from anywhere in the world – even at times when there is no real user traffic. So you can sleep soundly at night knowing your website is alive and well.

If you’re still not sold on the benefits, try it yourself today!

Ashley George is an associate product marketing manager at CA Technologies, focusing on Application Performance…


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