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Helping the world see what is going on through satellite imagery is what DigitalGlobe provides to a variety of industries.

Helping the world see what is going on through satellite imagery is what DigitalGlobe provides to a variety of industries.  After a natural disaster, it helps insurance companies with damage assessments with before and after satellite images and governments with rescue operations.  DigitalGlobe also worked with George Clooney to provide imagery to identify human rights violations in the Sudan area.

We have all seen satellite images at one time or another but few of us think about what goes on behind the curtain to bring us those images.  Brad Morse of DigitalGlobe gave a behind the scenes discussion in a recent webinar on how his company solved its complex IT operational problems through proactive monitoring and automation.

Morse outlines how to take a monitoring solution beyond CPU memory and disk to business analytics and how to optimize the business.  In the free flowing discussion, Morse touches on how DigitalGlobe went from a number of disparate open source tools to standardize on an enterprise monitoring solution.

Solving complex problems with CA Nimsoft Monitor

Morse also addresses the agentless versus agent debate and gives insight into avoiding false positives.  DigitalGlobe chose CA Nimsoft Monitor as its enterprise monitoring solution because of Nimsoft’s flexibility and hybrid agent/agentless solution.  He also discusses cost savings but also the hidden benefits of cost avoidance.

“Nimsoft enables us at DigitalGlobe to customize the solution for our needs, and get the data exactly the way the business needs to see it,” Morse said.

During a pivotal exchange, Morse describes how IT is migrating from a cost center to a business unit and offers advice on how to get better funding for the IT Department.  He also describes how to solve complex problems through business data from Nimsoft Monitor.

During the webinar, Morse shares how DigitalGlobe is able to produce five times more products with no increase to data center space, heat, power, and cooling.  He concludes the session by reviewing the lessons learned during implementation and what actions he would do differently.

To listen to the entire webinar click here.

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