Blazing a path: functional and performance test coverage at speed

New BlazeMeter innovations offer functional API testing and open source script conversion tools

Application performance has become so important to today’s application economy that there is little margin for error. A single failed application can negatively impact a company’s brand and revenues.

Despite the high-stakes risks, application testing simply hasn’t kept pace with the needs of modern software delivery teams. In spite of reorganizing into smaller and decentralized agile teams, many businesses are still trapped in a waterfall pattern where most testing occurs only after design and development are complete. To compound the issue, most proprietary tools are ineffective for shift left testing earlier in the development cycle. Imposing these tools on agile teams slows down sprints or requires huge compromises in test coverage.

Using proprietary tools for continuous testing is simply not an option.

Achieving test coverage at speed

CA BlazeMeter is introducing new innovations that break down barriers to adopt continuous testing and make it easy to shift left. We’re doing so by transforming our industry-leading BlazeMeter performance and load testing solution into a comprehensive test automation framework for performance, functional, API and UI testing.

By expanding our testing solutions, anyone in your organization’s application delivery chain can run open source, SaaS-based performance and functional tests at any time, from anywhere.

You can validate performance at every stage of your application lifecycle – from code development and application build to delivery and production.

Here are three innovations that BlazeMeter is introducing to help DevOps teams make the move to continuous testing:

  • Convert proprietary test scripts to open source – for free. We make it easy to migrate to open source testing from proprietary HPE LoadRunner testing tools. Rather than rewriting all tests from scratch, simply use our free online Script Converter tool to automatically convert your existing VuGen or TruClient scripts to JMeter or Selenium. This one-of-a-kind tool can be accessed and used online. Using the Script Converter, organizations can accelerate the transition to open source testing initiatives and eliminate their high maintenance and renewal payments for proprietary performance testing systems.
  • Functional API testing using your JMeter scripts. The application economy is transforming to the API economy. Many applications are built “API first” and organizations today expose their backend systems and their applications via APIs for revenue and partnership generating opportunities.  The need to quickly and continuously verify API functionality has made frequent functional API testing a critical capability for succeeding in the API economy.  Known as a performance testing leader, BlazeMeter now features run as a functional API test.  A simple click of a button enables the reuse of your existing JMeter scripts to run as functional API tests.  You can test single APIs or entire business scenarios and add them to your continuous testing process.  You can drill down to uncover and fix unexpected Pass or Fail issues and then monitor historical trends to ensure your API quality is improving over time.
  • Protect sensitive data while taking advantage of the cloud. CA BlazeMeter now offers private-cloud capabilities for teams who want the convenience and scalability of a cloud-based testing tool, but don’t want to move sensitive data to the cloud. Our on-premises agents do the heavy lifting and generate load for performance testing, while keeping private information behind your own firewall. Numerical calculations, orchestration and anonymized reporting occur in the cloud. The names of test steps, error messages and other sensitive data, such as test scripts and logs, never leave your internal network. This hybrid approach gives you the massive scalability, frequent updates and collaborative benefits of the cloud, plus the security benefits of an on-premises solution.

Learn more and start testing for free

You can accelerate the transition to open source performance and functional testing today with the free Script Converter at  Try it today for free.

You can achieve test coverage at speed with massive scalability, collaboration and reporting using BlazeMeter’s performance and functional testing tools.  Sign up for free at and run your JMeter scripts as functional API tests.

For a demo of all these tools, visit us at Velocity 2017 in San Jose at the CA Technologies booth (#901).

Eric Odell is director of product marketing at CA Technologies. An industry veteran, with 25…


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