Break the mold for how you drive mainframe DevOps

An honest reflection of past circumstances might be the key to the success of your 2017 resolution.

Happy 2017 everyone! We’ve turned the corner into a new year and like many others I’ve resolved again to get into better shape. I’m hoping this year will buck the trend of years past, which usually kicks off in full steam with new exercise routines and a healthier palette, but by April (if you make it that far) grinds to a halt under the weight of a long winter season and the lure of delicious Easter candy. Turns out, walking the walk takes a great deal more than pinning a new motivational poster on my wall.

At CA World last year, I witnessed many success stories of mainframe customers achieving their strategic resolution of putting their organization onto the path of digital transformation. Not surprisingly, they all shared a common foundation – a culture of resilience that is non-averse to risk and is driven each day by the need to achieve that big hairy audacious goal (a.k.a. Bee-HAG). And although each journey was unique, every customer benefited from implementing common sense practices and principles that underpin DevOps, most notably:

  • Unify mobile and mainframe teams to deliver business value across the enterprise, gain visibility and promote cultural transformation
  • Reduce the barriers to faster cycle times with tools and processes that improve automation, governance, auditability and traceability


Sticks and stones may break my bones, but failure will never stop me

Ironically, what made these success stories so powerful were the tales of woe that preceded them. After all, enabling continuous deployment on the mainframe sounds even more impressive when status quo was eight to 12 weeks for deploying basic maintenance changes.

CA Endevor specialist Steve Blackett captured this sentiment perfectly in his presentation of HSBC’s DevOps journey, where there were many lessons learned during their first attempt at implementation. What turned in their second go-around? Primarily it was a realization of past circumstances that drove a tops-down cultural shift to align the values and rewards of development and operations, two teams with traditionally conflicting mindsets. It’s a fascinating tale and I’d encourage you to hear the full story here.

“Losing is a much more powerful teacher than winning – if you live.”

I’d be remiss to end this without a geeky shout-out: to reflect upon this quote from one of my favorite childhood books, Ender’s Shadow, I’d urge for your New Year’s resolution to build on the past in realizing a better future.

Enabling DevOps across the enterprise, particularly with the mainframe, will undoubtedly be critical for staying afloat in 2017 and beyond. On January 24, break the mold and up your game by attending our webcast, Driving Business Agility Through Continuous Delivery on the Mainframe. DevOps solution experts Rose Sakach and Vaughn Marshall will share the lessons learned from our ongoing customer validation program on mainframe DevOps and showcase how CA is helping them on their journey.

And don’t forget to share your success story or challenges. I’d love to hear directly from you.

Marvin leads product marketing for the CA Mainframe Application Development portfolio, and supports the BU…



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