Breaking the hardware refresh cycle

Six ways mainframe as a service puts IT back in the driver’s seat.

In the debate over whether to move off the mainframe or stay, the option to stay with caveats is rarely discussed. But there is a third avenue. That avenue is cloud. Cloud economics and the proposition of cloud are what we announced at CA World 2016, with IBM and CA partnering to offer IBM zCloud Services. Now, just as with the rest of the business, cloud is not for everyone.

Some companies have too much tied up in mission essential services to move to the cloud – and have lots of possibilities that come with staying on the platform – from blockchain applications to machine learning and analytics that have the potential to transform their industries. For those whose best interests are to remain in their datacenter, IBM and CA continue to invest to offer solutions that help them get the most from this reliable, scalable and highly available platform.

For customers with fewer MIPS in use or fewer, simpler workloads, mainframe as a service can have a number of benefits.


In meeting with our customers and their teams, some of the most impactful benefits that they are seeing include:

  1. Simpler contracting and fewer contracts to manage – for example not having to manage contracts for hardware, network, software, storage and so forth
  1. Cost savings that can be realized from within their own operational budget without needing to ask a CFO for capital improvements to realize those savings
  1. Peace of mind that mainframe and its unique data security aspects are under control for HIPAA, government, financial and banking applications
  1. Optimization of usage to dollars spent, so that there is improved utilization of infrastructure spend, storage spend and more
  1. Management of the retiring mainframe workforce, which continues to put near-term pressure at all of our customers
  1. A less complicated and less resource intensive hardware refresh cycle and software maintenance cycle


I’m excited about our partnership with IBM zCloud, because for the first time it puts the power to steer some really important aspects of mainframe management – from the economics to the talent risks – back into the hands of CIO’s and IT leadership. And that’s exactly why we’re seeing so much interest in the market:

“We are excited to be transitioning to the zCloud solution in the next few months, the flexibility of the underlying infrastructure and the CA software in particular were highlights in our evaluation.” – CIO, State & Local Government System

To learn more about IBM zCloud, check out the latest at IBM Interconnect today at the session “How Can Mainframe-as-a-Service Reduce your IT Costs? Glad you Asked!” and read more about the CA service overview here.

David Stokes
David Stokes is Vice President & Business Unit Executive for CA's Mainframe business unit. David…


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