How to build software into your business DNA

To succeed in the digital transformation era, software needs to move beyond supporting siloed business functions.

We all know a new world is taking shape. It’s a world dominated by apps. It’s a world where competitive differentiation is determined by a business’s ability to embrace software-driven business models and advanced development methods. It’s a place where disruption is the norm and where long-established business models and brands will perish if they don’t put digital first. From taxis and travel to automotive and retail—and beyond—the foundation of almost every industry is being shaken to its very core by the digital revolution.

This new “application economy”—like other technological revolutions throughout history—is driving profound social, institutional and structural economic change around the globe. It’s also driving a deep sense of urgency and even, sometimes, a kind of ‘transformation paralysis’ as digital natives, who began by capturing huge white spaces in the market, start to turn their attention to the once certain competitive domains of long-established companies.

It’s easy to see why common sense thinking about digital transformation can get lost in all the noise. That’s why I decided to write a book that offered some simple, straightforward advice to help you remake your organization and give it the capability to shape your future by enabling your customers to shape it with you. The result—Digital Remastered: Building Software into Your Business DNA—launched today in London.

Doing digital right helps you deliver something better all the time

At the launch event, hosted by CA Technologies EMEA president Marco Comastri, we also presented some interesting findings from a new global study, “Keeping Score: Why Digital Transformation Matters,” by Coleman Parkes on behalf of CA Technologies.

One of the key findings that caught my eye in this research, which applies to businesses worldwide and not just those in EMEA, is the fact that one-third of EMEA organizations experience growth in new revenue and more than two-thirds an improved customer experience with accelerated adoption of best practices like Agile software development and DevOps among others.

We shouldn’t be surprised by the business impacts of digital transformation activities like agile and DevOps. We live in a world where online experiences are continually changing customers’ behaviors and shaping their expectations across all aspects of their lives—not just in the online realm. It’s the race to meet and exceed those expectations that is driving the pace of business today. But, experience is also moving target. It’s dynamic, and it can’t be satisfied by delivering something great once. It’s about delivering something better all the time.

Modern technology capability centers on building a modern software factory

IT as we know it has changed forever. IT used to be about supporting the functional silos of the business. That’s not true anymore. Every dollar of investment you put into technology now has to be linked to a fast business outcome. Therefore, management of technology actually becomes management of technology investments in the context of your business strategy. And to ensure that your investments yield results, building a modern ‘software factory’ at the center of your business becomes essential.

Why? Because the methods, skills, and tools needed to build today’s externally facing, internet-connected software experiences are radically different from those needed to use software for optimizing internal business processes. Delivering a continuously evolving user experience with speed and scale requires an entirely different approach. The process of software delivery and development must be fundamentally transformed to achieve the key attributes of any modern production operation: high throughput, consistent quality, extensive automation, and resource efficiency.

Today’s digital world may seem daunting, but it represents a unique opportunity to rethink, reshape and reinvigorate your business. Throughout the book, I offer advice and easy to understand starting points for your journey. From building your software factory to driving agile and DevOps and from making security an enabler to building innovation processes that work, this book can help you cut through the hype and move your company forward.

Otto Berkes
Otto Berkes is the Chief Technology Officer at CA Technologies. He is responsible for technical…


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