CA adds market-leading API monitoring to its portfolio by acquiring Runscope

An accelerated path to monitoring the accessibility, availability and performance of APIs.

CA Technologies today announced it has acquired Runscope Inc., a San Francisco based provider of SaaS API monitoring solutions. The acquisition complements CA Digital Experience Insights monitoring and analytics SaaS solution by adding a best-in-class API monitoring solution that allows DevOps teams to collaborate and to improve performance of applications that rely on the use of APIs.

Current state of the SaaS API monitoring market

Modern organizations have a constant stream of interactions happening between customers, partners and different applications in the digital supply chain. These are all carried out through APIs; APIs are the glue that binds together the different components in the digital economy.

While API-driven applications are becoming an increasingly strategic part of the modern application mix, the market is not prepared for the unique challenges these applications present.

Most performance monitoring vendors are currently focused on more traditional, UI driven applications and do not treat API applications as first-class citizens. These products are not well suited for monitoring APIs – if you try using them for APIs, you will have many gaps and a high cost of ongoing internal maintenance. As a result, companies are struggling to ensure that they are able to deliver delightful user experiences to their customers.

Runscope is focused on filling this void by monitoring the accessibility, availability and performance of APIs.

Advantages API monitoring provides customers

To start with the basics, you will want to know if your APIs are even available to the clients that need to reach them. For mobile apps, it is likely the API needs to be available around the world. API monitoring allows you to run tests from multiple locations to ensure APIs are accessible.

Additionally, you will want to make sure that the API performance meets the desired service level. If the performance is slow, client applications may fail with time-out, which is almost the same as if they were not available at all.

Finally, what good is an API that is up and fast if it is returning the wrong data? API monitoring allows you to thoroughly inspect the message payloads and validate that the data being sent back and forth is correct.

Runscope’s solutions are delivering APIs to clients regardless of where in the world they are and ensuring the entire service chain maintains functionality. When APIs are accessible and performing on the right level, organizations can focus on what is most important for them – delivering compelling experiences for their customers.

How is the acquisition of Runscope strategic to CA and customers?

User-centricity is a critical part of our strategy. Adding Runscope’s best-in-class SaaS API monitoring technology to our rich portfolio of user experience, application performance and infrastructure monitoring accelerates our customers’ ability to monitor the accessibility, availability and performance of all kinds of traditional and modern applications.

CA API Management (APIM) provides market-leading capabilities around the creation and management of APIs while CA BlazeMeter API Test provides for the automated functional, performance, and load testing of those APIs. Our goal is to blend Runscope’s technology with our APIM solutions to provide our customers with the best API Lifecycle Management in the industry.

This is another step forward in CA’s work to meet the needs of both traditional and modern workloads, and to provide customers with a holistic view of their entire digital experience across modern applications – whether they are UI, microservice driven or legacy API driven apps. Our goal is to fast-track our customers through their digital transformation efforts to become modern software factories that are built to change.


Ali Siddiqui is general manager for the Agile Operations Business Unit at CA Technologies –…


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