CA Automic v12.1: Intelligent Automation for the Modern Software Factory

Designed to help you cope with the ever-changing digital landscape, we’re pleased to share the major new capabilities in CA Automic v12.1 that will augment your Modern Software Factory

Designed to help you cope with the ever-changing digital landscape, we’re pleased to share the major new capabilities in CA Automic v12.1 that will augment your Modern Software Factory

Here at CA Technologies, we are acutely aware that in today’s digital era, our users expect constant innovation – and that’s what we aim to deliver. With this in mind, I wanted to explain the impact of our latest major release (v12.1) on your Modern Software Factory.

Our last major release was launched with the message of ‘Driving Agility and Empowering DevOps’. Since then, we have been acquired by CA Technologies and delivered our first major release under our new parent company. The release has two major themes: intelligent automation and the Modern Software Factory. The subject of intelligent automation has been covered in another blog. Here, I wanted to explain how our automation capabilities have been enhanced to provide the backbone for your Modern Software Factory.

Modern business automation enables amazing new ways of delivering customer experience quickly, efficiently and securely. Whether it’s automating social outreach across Twitter and Facebook to drive revenues or improving user experience, our automation customers are delivering incredible examples of innovative customer engagement. This is the purpose of the Modern Software Factory. Version 12.1 enhances this in the following ways:

1.     Creating an Agile Business

Automating all your business processes will drive you towards the fully automated agile enterprise. Version 12.1 augments this fully by scaling to over 500,000 agents, delivering iPV6 support and enhancing the orchestration of other CA solutions across your enterprise. Now you can leverage our ‘Uber Orchestrator’ to bring other CA automation technologies into a unified, agile center of excellence.

Learn more about how v12.1 helps you to create an agile business, here.

2.     Build Better Apps, Faster

Our portfolio has always been focused on automating within and orchestrating across the entire DevOps toolchain. Version 12.1 enhances this story by integrating with other CA products such as CA TDM, CA SV and CA CDD. Now IT Operations can enable self-service provisioning of test data environments at the click of a button, or single-click application deployment into virtual cloud environments. With enhanced environment provisioning, DevOps teams can deploy dev, test, QA or production environments across Amazon AWS, VMWare or Azure environments. We have also extended your DevOps agility to the mainframe with our all-new application release automation for Z agent alongside new shift-left capabilities and enhanced release planning.

Discover how V12.1 helps you orchestrate the continuous delivery toolchain to build better apps faster, here.

3.     Make Security a Competitive Advantage

Security and compliance has always been a major theme in our portfolio. Centralized audit, encrypted communications, secure login and role based security are just some of the CA Automic One Automation Platform’s key features. With v12.1 we are enhancing these capabilities with further integrations into the CA security portfolio, automatically securing CD pipelines, enabling DevSecOps, and automating the provisioning and maintenance of secure test data.

You can learn more about how v12.1 helps you make security a competitive advantage, here.

4.     Maximize Application Performance

The aspiration of IT has always been to deliver high performing, continuously running business applications. It is fair to say IT has often fallen short of this goal, with failing applications impacting customer satisfaction. I believe this is now about to change with the release of v12.1, which can be integrated with CA application performance management solutions. Now IT Operations can monitor transaction performance, undertake application diagnostics, perform prescriptive analytics and automatically remediate any issues discovered. This can be achieved either through automatically provisioning additional server capacity or dynamically adding cloud storage.

To learn more about how v12.1 helps you to maximize application performance across your hybrid cloud landscape, click here.

Keeping up with the ever-evolving IT landscape is tricky, but isn’t it exciting?! As you progress with your digital transformation journeys, you’re bound to encounter many challenges. We believe that CA Automic v12.1 is equipped with all the tools to help you overcome these hurdles, not only today, but tomorrow too. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new features.


Dr. Chris Boorman is the both the CA Vice President of Marketing for EMEA and…


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