CA executives recognized as “Women of the Channel” for their industry leadership and expertise

Four CA employees were awarded the honor by CRN®, a division of The Channel Co.

It’s often reported that organizations with a higher percentage of women in leadership positions more frequently net financial performances better than their competitors. Common sense shows that diverse perspectives are necessary in any organization – and celebrating women’s contributions is never more important as the latest reports show meager increases in girls interested in pursuing tech careers. A recent study reported only 11% of girls want to pursue STEM careers.

In that effort, CRN, a division of The Channel Co., brings a spotlight to female leadership annually with the “Women of the Channel” awards, highlighting women who are leading the industry based on their professional accomplishments, demonstrated expertise and ongoing dedication to the channel.

For Sheree Wong, the award is meaningful for her personally, as well as on an industry level.

“Although diversity and equality in the workplace has become a strategic imperative for many organizations, the number of female leaders in technology are still low. For me, being a ‘woman of the channel’ means that I have the responsibility to continue to seek, encourage and help grow the careers of other women in technology, and ultimately into leadership positions,” Sheree Wong, Senior Director, Global Partner Strategy, said. “Aptitude isn’t the issue; it’s more of a cultural issue — building a more inclusive culture that makes the work environment an appealing one for women to want to participate in and aspire to be successful in.”

Sheree is working with fellow “Women of the Channel” to deliver commendable work and serve as examples for others in their roles, while earning awards along the way.

Tricia Atchison, Vice President, Global Partner Marketing, Paula Gil, CA Advantage Partner Program Global Program Lead and Sheree Wong, Senior Director, Global Partner Strategy, spanned CRN’s “Most Powerful Women of The Channel 2017”, “Power 30 Solution Providers”, and “Up and Comers.”

Leslie Bois, Vice President, Global Channels and Alliances at Veracode (recently acquired by CA), also received the honor of CRN’s “Power 100” recognition for her continued dedication to the channel.

CRN’s “2017 Women of the Channel” List represents a variety of vendors across the IT channel who continually motivate the unique goals of their organizations. Only 500 women from the entire industry were highlighted.

These women set themselves apart from their counterparts because of their ambition to further eliminate the barriers between ideas and outcomes. In an industry that is always transforming, a collaborative approach is necessary, according to Tricia Atchison.

“The most exciting aspect of the industry is the community of resources. When people in similar roles come together to share ideas, we learn innovative ways to overcome challenges in the channel,” Tricia said of working with other channel leaders. “The rapid pace of change of the industry, and how we align to that pace as a company, is also very fascinating.”

Tricia also spoke to how partners are an extension of CA, and therefore a vitally important relationship to nurture, “I always focus on being partner-centric and fixated on their goals. If we want our partners to be an extension of ourselves, then we have to ensure that their experience is the best it can be.”

Paula Gil echoed the value of partner relationships, and why her role remains exciting and innovative on a daily basis.

“We constantly have to think in an agile way, continually innovating and refining ourselves to support our fast-growing partners who are moving ahead of the curve,” Paula said. “I am constantly asking myself, how do we make the CA Advantage Partner Program best able to position these partners in the marketplace?”

Paula said that CRN’s honor is more meaningful this year than ever before (this is her third honor), because of the newly designed CA Advantage Partner Program.

“The program was redesigned by truly listening to our partners. This makes me feel like a woman of the channel more than ever before,” Paula said.

For young women wishing to achieve honors like Sheree, Tricia and Paula have, Sheree recommends working on storytelling as a method to capture the attention of others.

“Effective storytelling should be viewed as a strategic business competency, and one that you continue to build on throughout your career,” Sheree said. “Whether you will be a sales rep developing a pitch presentation for a prospect, or an executive delivering an annual performance overview to the Board of Directors, the ability to draw in your audience to capture their attention, build engagement, and create emotional connections will be critical for business success.”

To award honors for women excelling in the tech sector speaks to how previous obstacles are being demolished for anyone wishing to enter the industry.

“Tech is so pervasive to every industry currently. I would be challenged to think of one industry that isn’t affected by tech,” Paula said. “It’s really exciting to see women and men learning about tech, and learning about their passions. Folks can build their tech expertise and personal brand long before they even apply for a job at a tech company.”

All women honored share a motivation to constantly improve the channel ecosystem.

“This role is about tenacity,” Paula said. “Working in the channel is all about getting beyond the ‘no’s’ to achieve something meaningful.”

Paige Smith is a summer intern working with the Global Communications Team. She is fascinated…


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