CA helps Bloomberg launch TicToc, the world’s first 24/7 social breaking news service

Transforming how Bloomberg delivers news through social media.

The news media industry is going through a rapid digital change. Following the 2016 partnership with CNN, CA Technologies continues to help leading media companies break new ground in their digital transformation. CA is now partnering with Bloomberg to enable them to connect with their audiences in new ways.

Launching the world’s first and only 24/7 global social breaking news network

TicToc by Bloomberg is a powerful news service that joins the speed and social interaction of Twitter with the editorial judgment of Bloomberg’s 2,700 worldwide journalists and analysts.

Bloomberg envisioned a first-of-its-kind digital control room that would allow editors to confidently move at top speed when reporting a story – while simultaneously incorporating state-of-the-art video streams, social listening and digital analytics.

That’s where Bloomberg’s deployment of CA Agile Central comes in. By providing a critical solution to manage highly complex collaboration across teams of engineers, product managers, producers and editors, the software enabled the Bloomberg team to build new tools quickly and decisively.

“As a public news platform, TicToc by Bloomberg has the ability to harness the power of the ‘customer voice’ and offers the opportunity for Bloomberg to have its finger on pulse of the customer. This allows them to leverage that feedback and innovate the TicToc platform at an unprecedented speed – that’s the core of CA Agile Central,” said CA Technologies Solution Account Manager Alfred Aversa.


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