CA leadership team at the 2018 World Economic Forum

How the tech sector can lead the way in creating a shared future in a fractured world.

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) 28th Annual Meeting kicks off next Monday, January 23 in Davos, Switzerland, bringing together global policy leaders with business and thought leaders from a multitude of sectors—including CA Technologies CEO Mike Gregoire and team.

The theme of this year’s summit is “Creating a Shared Future in a Fractured World,” a welcome and frankly imperative dialogue given the challenging geo-political dynamics that we continue to work through as a global community. Among the issues on which the business and global policy communities need to focus is rebuilding and maintaining trust of its consumers and citizens—a reality which we acknowledge is more often than not tied to technological innovation.

Technology transformation, when managed properly, can provide greater value to global governments, businesses and consumers; technology can help improve public health, lead to more efficient use of infrastructure, and provide better citizen services.

And while we at CA often focus on how all organizations are software companies in today’s digitally transformed economy, we acknowledge the onus is on the technology sector to lead the way responding to the issues, like those around trust and reputation, that have arisen from the proliferation of technology. From properly protecting consumer data, responding to the shifting needs of the workforce, to addressing dismal diversity numbers, we’ve admittedly got a lot of work to do.

Mike Gregoire plans to address these challenges directly in Davos next week when he formally assumes the role of Chairman of the WEF IT Governors Steering Committee. As Mike stated in a recent WEF blog post, “we have reached our digital adolescence, but given the inevitability of technology in our lives, we need to consider how to evolve a more mature relationship with it.”

One of the ways the IT Steering Committee intends to address these issues is through the launch of its IT Industry Skills Initiative, a new effort to help prepare workers for the digital jobs of the future and foster a culture of education via access to skill-based training opportunities.

Partner companies, which in addition to CA, include Cisco, Salesforce, and SAP among others, have pledged to open up their respective training catalogs to culminate in a single, centralized portal where users will have free access to training content—including courses on cybersecurity, IoT, machine learning, data analytics, as well as on general business skills and entrepreneurship. Working with the public and other private sector partners, the SkillSET portal is slated to scale to 1 million users by 2021.

As important, if not more, is the need for the sector to be relentless in our efforts to diversify the current and next generation of technologists. In Davos, CA’s CMO Lauren Flaherty will participate in a forum in collaboration with The Female Quotient—an organization dedicated to advancing equality in the workplace through collaboration, solutions and accountability. Lauren will discuss CA’s internal and external efforts to increase diversity and inclusion, as we know the best and most transformative companies understand current structures and ecosystems are vulnerable to better ideas from an array of perspectives.

Other topics we plan to address at Davos are the twin imperatives for increased transparency around data collection and the sufficient protection of that data. There are increasing global concerns that companies are collecting or hoarding large caches of personal data without informing consumers when or how this data is being collected or used.

We intend to discuss how companies and other stakeholders can play a key role in partnering with government officials to develop effective security and privacy policies, in ways that allow for continued flexibility and innovation, while delivering the strong outcomes citizens and consumers deserve and have come to expect.

And enterprises need to take their own medicine; in other words, the tech sector must ensure their own internal processes and procedures are of the highest standard in order to better protect and manage data.

You’d be hard pressed to find another forum where so many of the world’s most forward leaning minds come together to discuss the opportunities, challenges, and implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We look forward to sharing what we are doing at CA, hear what others are doing, and hopefully come away with some actionable next steps to best serve our customers and our communities within our own digital transformation journey.

For an expanded look at our Davos 2018 efforts in advance of next week, please check out my recent video blog.


Brendan is Vice President of Global Government Relations for CA Technologies, where he leads the…


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