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CA Nimsoft Monitor 7.6 offers agility for the application economy

The latest release of CA Nimsoft Monitor is in line with agile product development, touted by CA Technologies CEO Michael Gregoire

CA Technologies CEO Michael Gregoire
CA Technologies CEO Michael Gregoire

The latest release of CA Nimsoft Monitor is an example of CA Technologies CEO Michael Gregoire’s strategy to increase differentiation and pace of product releases through agile development.

This is key for success in the application economy, where every business is becoming a software business.

This release contains several powerful new features outlined below, in addition to usability enhancements, performance improvements and bug fixes.

The CA Nimsoft Monitor 7.6 release includes:

  • Nimsoft Management Server (the core application engine)
  • Unified Management Portal (web interface)
  • Unified Reporter (advanced reporting engine)
  • Nimsoft Mobile App (mobile application for iPhone and Android


For more on the latest release, please see this YouTube video as well as a list of new features and benefits below.

New features and benefits

Nimsoft Management Server 7.6 improves the stability, scalability, performance, features and functionality of the product.

Features and benefits of the Unified Management Portal include a new USM Alarm View that can be used as the main window for viewing and managing alarms instead of the Alarm Console portlet. The window displays information about all alarms in a table format and the user can use icons and menu options to view information.

Also included is the ability to configure custom URL actions to take action on alarms. Users can export all alarms in CSV format to aid in situations such as audits or incident reviews where alarms need to presented externally.

Enhanced USM portlet configuration preferences can be used to set the default view of the USM portlet. This includes existing context options, such as loading to a group or specifying an initial view, as well as a rich set of customizations for the new “All Alarms” view, such as controlling the alarm table columns, filters and sorting. These options can also be specified within a defined URL for use with USM standalone mode.

HTML5 dashboard upgrades include:

  • Improvement to data source selection, allowing users to choose the source or data via a simple hierarchy of devices, replacing the Source/Target/QoS mechanism
  • The addition of a new pie chart widget to allow display of part and whole relationships in data
  • Automatic guidelines can be enabled to easily align the edges or center of widgets for exact alignment
  • Keyboard input can now be used for precision control of widgets placement
  • Maintenance mode periods are visible in line charts, represented as a grey background in the chart
  • Improvement of migration, with better migration notifications and the ability to migrate curved lines.


The latest release also offers zLinux monitoring support for zLinux RHEL-6 and zLinux SLES-11, including agent/probe-based monitoring support for:

  • CPU
  • Disk and memory
  • Process monitoring
  • Log file monitoring
  • Websphere and Apache


Key links for CA Nimsoft Monitor 7.6

All installation files/binaries and documentation can be found within the “Downloads” section on the CA Nimsoft Monitor Support site.

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