CA Technologies completes acquisition of BlazeMeter

CA and BlazeMeter join forces to take continuous testing to the next level

With the completion of the BlazeMeter acquisition, CA Technologies further extends our continuous delivery market leadership by bringing BlazeMeter’s talents and expertise into CA’s Continuous Delivery Business Unit. We are thrilled to integrate the amazing people, technology and best practices of BlazeMeter into CA’s growing DevOps portfolio – all of which is designed to accelerate digital transformation in the application economy.

I believe we are at the epicenter of the application economy, changing the way software development, testing and delivery are done. Software teams are under intense pressure to bring new innovations to market more quickly, at higher quality and with a breakthrough user experiences, while simultaneously reducing the staggering $60B companies spend annually to test and release software.

The old way of doing application testing is no longer good enough. As many IT organizations have discovered, the waterfall processes that focus on testing applications after development can’t keep pace with either the number of applications being developed or the interdependencies between those applications. And as a result, the continuous testing of applications conducted in parallel to the development process is now essential.

CA is already a recognized leader in continuous testing and delivery – specifically in the areas of Test Data Management, Service Virtualization, and Release Automation. Our breadth of real customer success stories is unparalleled by our competition.  In fact, in a recent survey of IT professionals using our software, 91% rated CA’s customer references as superior to that of competitors such as HP, IBM, Parasoft and SmartBear.

Now, we are extending that leadership to Performance and Load Testing which is a key part of any continuous delivery strategy because it’s a critical in ensuring the user experience, performance and reliability of an application. BlazeMeter ’s cost effective, SaaS-based performance testing solution, is fully compatible with the Apache JMeter™ as well as other open source software tools like Selenium, Gatling and Locust.

By making testing tools available to everyone, CA and BlazeMeter are democratizing application performance and load testing.  It’s why BlazeMeter was named “One of the 25 Coolest Emerging Vendors” by CRN and “One of the Top Testing Tools” by Jolt Awards. It is this innovation and market-leadership that makes me excited to have BlazeMeter join our team.

CA Technologies and BlazeMeter share a common vision for the future of open source-based continuous testing, and we will begin working together immediately to help our customers accelerate their continuous delivery journey to thrive in the Application Economy.

There’s never been a better, or easier time to try BlazeMeter for yourself. I encourage you to get started with BlazeMeter today.



Jeff Scheaffer is general manager of Continuous Delivery Business Unit at CA Technologies. In this…


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