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CA Technologies makes another step to strengthen DevOps portfolio

CA Technologies has acquired Grid-Tools, a leading enterprise test data management, automated test design and optimization solutions provider.

Recently we announced an agreement to acquire  Rally Software Development Corp. With the Rally acquisition, we have complemented CA’s portfolio to have a powerful delivery chain of DevOps technologies … going all the way from Agile Planning to Continuous Delivery to Agile Operations.

Rally’s agile capabilities build on our strengths in DevOps. Scalable DevOps begins with Agile, not the other way around. Rally solutions drive agility to help transform IT, software development, and digital capabilities to help organizations navigate change, and foster innovation.

And that’s the key…continuously delivering innovation, at speed and quality.

Why automate testing?

But, here’s the issue. Traditional testing methods and tools do not work well for the DevOps world. They simply are not suited for the speed or number of changes required to achieve Continuous Delivery. Quality acceleration is not just implementing automated test, but designing the right tests that have the right test data for those tests.

Today, our leadership and vision around Continuous Delivery took a giant leap forward with the announcement of the Grid-Tools acquisition. With this acquisition, CA shows that it is fully invested in DevOps and bringing technologies to market that help Agile teams delivery innovations seamlessly.

By acquiring Grid-Tools, CA offers an automated solution to one of the most time consuming and resource intensive problems in Continuous Delivery—testing at speed to deliver superior quality. By implementing model based testing, test data management and automated test design technologies from Grid-Tools, CA customers can significantly accelerate application quality by providing greater test coverage, faster test creation and repeatable test execution for their software assets, while greatly reducing the time and resources required to bring products to market.

The challenge today is that up to 70 percent of application testing is performed manually. Most tests tend to use simplistic test scenarios, relying on manual data sources and testing. In consulting with many customers, we have found that up to 30 percent of developer and tester time is wasted searching for, manipulating and investigating test data in unmanaged spreadsheets or creating it by hand. The manual testing processes make it very difficult to keep up with the rate of developer code change.

Additionally, up to 56 percent of defects can be traced back to ambiguities in written requirements. Programmers typically receive incomplete requirements, change requests, or user stories from business analysts or users. This vagueness results in defects in code and associated poor customer experience.

With the challenges I stated above, think of the value shown below of some customers who have implemented Grid-Tools’ cutting-edge technologies:

  • 95 percent reduction in time it takes to find data from multiple systems
  • 30 percent reduction in test cycles by automatically detecting any redundant, outdated and duplicate test cases
  • Created millions of rows of high quality data in just minutes
  • $50k reduction in infrastructure costs per database
  • 80 percent improvement in functional test coverage


More customer results can be found here.

Continuous Delivery to win in the application economy

Together, the CA and Grid-Tools solutions create a powerful combination to accelerate quality by automatically generating test cases across the SDLC, extracting real-world data to provision test environments, and testing on any device or platform mobile-to-mainframe. CA is a key player in Continuous Delivery, with a portfolio uniquely designed to 1) drive parallel developer work streams, 2) accelerate application quality, and 3) end-to-end automation across application deployment & promotion.

We look forward to helping our customers implement Continuous Delivery in their DevOps initiatives, so they can delivery new applications and innovations at a pace required in the application economy.

For additional information on the acquisition, please visit our landing page at


Aruna Ravichandran is vice president of DevOps Solution Marketing and Management at CA Technologies, responsible…



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